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Monday, Apr 09, 2001

Baroni Wins Ground Control Absolute

Baroni Wins Ground Control Absolute

Phil Baroni
Phil Baroni, a wrestler/boxer who fought a preliminary bout at UFC XXX, won the Absolute Division at this weekend’s Ground Control Classic in North Bergen, NJ. Baroni won his two matches in the Advanced Light-heavyweight Division. After winning his weight division, Baroni went on to win all four of his matches in the Absolute Division, three by submission.

Baroni recently competed in the Toughman World Championships, losing a controversial decision in the semi-finals after reportedly knocking his opponent down three times in the first round–with the "three knockdown rule" in effect, the fight should have been stopped and given to Baroni at that point. The loss of the potential $50,000 in the Toughman had Baroni bristling…"I got so pissed off and irritated that I got jerked out of 50 large that I wanted to beat some guys up and tap them out, so that’s exactly what I did. 4 up, 4 down. Not to mention the 2 guys that I beat up in my weight division on the way to the absolute."

Here are the results from the event (thanks to promoter Armando Basulto):

Tri-State Ground Control Classic III


Phil Baroni
ABSOLUTE CHAMPION – Phil Baroni – Kioto
2nd – Tim Woods – Royler Gracie Team Performance
3rd – Anthony Argyros – Team Advanced Fighting Systems

Women’s Beginner
1st – Rebecca Faber – Tai Kai Machado
2nd – Shannon Walker – Livingston Martial Arts

Children’s Lightweight
1st Stephanie Pineda – Shin Budo
2nd Gabriel Ferraro – Livingston Martial Arts

Children’s Middleweight
1st – Joey Iavarone – Joslin’s
2nd – Michelle Soriano – Shin Budo

Beginner Lightweight
1st Dave Mauer – Team Renzo
2nd Chris Santos – Team Renzo
3rd Yuichi Tamano – Team Renzo

Beginner Lt Middleweight
1st – Themi Papadimitriou – Team Marcelo Mello
2nd – Michael Saracimo – Team Panza
3rd – Nardu Debrah – Universal Defense Systems

Beginner Middleweight
1st – Andreas Carlstein – Marcos Santos Machado
2nd – Alexi Lebedeb – Marcos Santos Machado
3rd – John Beneduce – Universal Defense Systems

Beginner Lt Heavyweight
1st – Mark Papadimitriou – Team Marcelo Mello
2nd – Bob Ganster – Tai Kai Machado
3rd – George Gossett – Team Alliance

Beginner Heavyweight
1st – Lance de Ratafia – Marcos Santos Machado
2nd – Eric Zarahn – Miyazaki

Intermediate Lightweight
1st – Cathal Walsh – Royler Gracie Team Performance
2nd – Eric Ruiz – Progressive Martial Arts

Intermediate Lt Middleweight
1st – Peter Lavalle – Maywood Academy
2nd – Brian Filipowicz – MMA (CT)
3rd – Angel Negron – Royler Gracie Team Performance

Intermediate Middleweight
1st – Mike Sager – Salstiano
2nd – George Yonitch – Livingston Martial Arts
3rd – Brett Hoover – Royler Gracie Team Modern Combat

Intermediate Lt Heavyweight
1st – Tim Woods – Royler Gracie Team Performance
2nd – Carmine Zocchi – Team Marcelo Mello
3rd – Craig Harding – Tai Kai Machado

Intermediate Heavyweight
1st – Walter Jones – Royler Gracie
2nd – Eric Zippo – Tai Kai Machado
3rd – Norman Schack – Renzo Team Martin’s

Advanced Lt Middleweight
1st Donny Fromel – Tai Kai Machado
2nd Rene Dreifuss – Miyazaki Team

Advanced Middleweight
1st Chris Savarese – Royler Gracie Team Performance

2nd Matt Stern – Royler Gracie Team Performance

Advanced Lt Heavyweight
1st Phil Baroni – Kioto
2nd Bob Slawinski – Royler Gracie
3rd Anthony Argyros – Team Advanced Fighting Systems

Advanced Heavyweight
1st – Erick Shaver – Hybrid Elite
2nd – Chad Anshelewtiz – Renzo Team Martin’s

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