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Thursday, Jul 14, 2011

Claude Patrick Open to Rematch with “Still Talking” Daniel Roberts

By Kelsey Mowatt

Having not fought since UFC 129 in April, and now equipped with a new contract to accompany his three Octagon wins, Claude Patrick is hoping to get his next bout lined up soon. With many of the UFC’s upcoming cards already filled out, it appears as though Patrick may fight only twice this year, in comparison to 2010 where the welterweight competed three times.

“They’re already booking for October and November so it’s looking like it may be sometime around then,” Patrick told FCF when asked if he had any information about who and when he’ll fight next. “I love training and fighting, and I’ve still been training a lot, so I wouldn’t say I’ve had time off but I’d like to get back in there and do my thing.”

Part of the reason Patrick has kept up a busy training regiment during the summer, despite not being called on to fight, is in case a last minute opportunity arises to step in for an injured fighter.

“There’s always opportunities that pop up,” said Patrick, who is a trainer and co-ordinator at the Elite Training Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. “Now that the market has opened up in Ontario, training has picked up a lot, as before I had to go out for training camps so it wasn’t like I could fight on two week’s notice. I was never in a place with a steady camp of guys but now that’s changed quite a bit.”

Although Patrick says he’s had no discussions with the UFC regarding his next bout, due to the fact that the 31 year-old-fighter has now won three straight fights with the promotion, he is expecting to face one of the division’s more established competitors next time out.

“If you’re winning you’re only going up right?” Patrick noted. “You’re supposed to be going up in terms of the pay as well as the experience of the opponent. But when you’re with the UFC you kind of just have to be ready to fight; you can’t bring out the crystal ball and start fantasizing about who it’s going to be. You never know really know who you’re going to fight. I don’t sweat that too much.”

There is one fighter in particular, however, who remains on Patrick’s wish list, despite the fact that he scored a unanimous decision over him at UFC 129.

“I’d like to fight the last guy I fought again to be honest with you,” Patrick said in referring to Daniel Roberts, who later reported that he was ill when he faced the Canadian in April. “I’d like to give that guy a beating although that’s already been done. He’s claiming that he had Ebola or something, was on his deathbed which is why he lost; very heroic.”

“He left the ring on his own power which wasn’t my intended output given the guy’s trash talk,” Patrick added. “He kept talking afterwards which was unbelievable; for real? You got beat up like that and you’re still talking? It’s kind of not what I’m used to.”

Despite the noted ground skills of Roberts, Patrick elected to take the Cesar Gracie fighter down to the mat on several occasions during their tilt, negating the ‘striker vs. grappler’ billing some had assigned the bout.

“I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t fought in Abu Dhabi, big grappling tournaments like the Mundial Championships, people think I can’t roll, but I’ve always practiced fighting,” Patrick said. “I consider myself a real jiu-jitsu guy, which isn’t necessarily playing upside down guard, doing more sport things, but keeping it real for the art which is a fighting system. I don’t really care what XY or Z say how good the other guy is.”



posted by FCF Staff @ 2:14 pm
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