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Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012

DREAM Vet Kultar “Black Mamba” Gill on SFL Comeback: “I Always Knew How to Fight, But I Never Knew How to Win”

Kultar Gill (photo via superfightleague.com)

By Kelsey Mowatt

Although for several years the name Kultar “Black Mamba” Gill may have been tied to a sentence that also included “what ever happened to”, the K-1 Hero’s and DREAM veteran is back and making an impact with the India based Super Fight League. After going nearly four years without competing, the 33 year-old-fighter decided it was time to remind the MMA world of his presence earlier this year, and has recorded two stoppage wins since.

“I fought in 2008 and I was just done; went back to work and making some real money” Gill said on Full Contact Fighter Radio recently, while discussing his decision to come out of retirement. “Then I opened up my own academy, which was the next evolution of my training to become a coach, and now we have over 40 fighters at Mamba Martial Arts in Abbotsford.”

After Gill helped train and coach others to prepare for their respective bouts, the corrections officer realized that his days of competing weren’t over afterall.

“It’s going very well, and taking fighters like Sabah Fadai and Kajan Johnson to MFC, to Battlefield, lit a fire in me,” Gill furthered. “Of course it was never gone, it just lit it up more, and I decided to come back out of retirement, because I’m not old. I just decided to retire after training and fighting since I was 12 years old with kickboxing, so it was kind of tiring. But then the flame came back; I’m aggressive, I’m strong and I’m ready to kick the sh– out of anyone who steps in front of me. I feel good.”

Gill (photo via Super Fight League)

According to Gill, when he made the decision to return to action, there were several organizations that were interested in acquiring his services. Of course, in the end, Gill decided to go with the growing SFL, which quickly began promoting the accomplished Indian-Canadian striker.

“I had some offers from many organizations, some notable ones and big ones, but I stuck with SFL,” said Gill. “SFL is good; it’s a growing organization with good backing, good sponsorships and Daniel Issac is a very friend of mine, he’s the COO, Raj Kundra (founder), he’s doing very well, so that’s why I picked that. They’re good to me. I have a four fight contract with them, and I have two fights left, and so far it’s going very well.”

“I grew up in India when I was younger, I was actually born in Canada but I lived in India when I was younger,” Kill relayed. “I went to school in India…up in the north, in the mountains, where the only languages you were allowed to speak were English and Hindi…I’ve been there tons of time, I love the people, it’s good, I love India. It’s awesome.”

When Gill left the sport in 2008, he did so having dropped back-to-back bouts to Tatsuya Kawajiri and Joachim Hansen. Not only has the veteran improved due to the training he’s put in over the last four years, but Gill also credits a new outlook on fighting for his more recent success.

“Before I used to fight for myself, now I fight for my whole academy, Mamba MMA,” said Gill, who now holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. “I have all these fighters looking up to me and I have to show them how to win…I always knew how to fight, but I never knew how to win; now I go in there to win. Before I’d just walk in, just fight, have fun, enjoy it. Kick the guy, knee the guy, get taken down.”

More recently, at SFL 4 on October 12th, Gill stopped Amr Fathee Wahman in the first round to extend his overall record to 12-8.

“In my last fight with Amr Fathee Wahman, you saw a different Mamba,” Gill said. “I got two takedowns, I had control, I had an armbar from mount. Everything, I threw elbows in the fight, knees, kicks, I wrestled, I did jiu jitsu. Everything in MMA I did, and Amr Wahman was not an easy opponent. He has over 100 fights; he’s one of the best fighters out of Africa. He’s 91-7 in full contact fights (Kung Fu), over 18 with Muay Thai, so he wasn’t a joke.”


posted by FCF Staff @ 12:22 pm
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