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Thursday, Oct 14, 2004

Euphoria Tourneys Set To Roll:

EUPHORIA Tourneys Set To Roll:
No Elbow Strikes, Internationally-Inspired Card Make For Stand-Out Event

By Loretta Hunt

Oct 14, Atlantic City, NJ – With some of the most accomplished lightweight fighters ever assembled in one place, along with a gathering of eight hungry (and hefty) heavyweights, the official EUPHORIA MFC weigh-ins, held today at the Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey were a parade of talent from wall to wall. With Russia, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Norway and the United States all represented, EUPHORIA made good on its promise of international cross-over competition when all 16 tournament fighters, as well as 4 alternates, made their required numbers today under the New Jersey Athletic Control Board’s watchful eye.

It took less than fifteen minutes to weigh all of the participants in, while matchmaker Miguel Iturate quickly progressed into the rules meeting. Possibly hoping to get any consternation out of the way quickly, Itturate announced EUPHORIA’s own amendment to the Unified Rules Of Combat currently observed the NJACB: Elbow strikes, including forearms, will not be allowed standing or on the ground at any time. Citing that the move(s) created too many fighter lacerations at the last EUPHORIA event and that numerous promotions like HOOKnSHOOT, SHOOTO and the AFC have also adopted this philosophy, Iturate visually demonstrated the foul multiple times for emphasis.

Yves Edwards & Naoyuki Kotani
Yves Edwards & Naoyuki Kotani

"I don’t pay anybody enough money to go home with 25 stitches," Itturate answered patiently but firmly to some mild protests from fighter entourages hearing of the rule amendment for the first time. Tomorrow nights competitors, however, made no quarrels having been aware of the alteration for some time: it was stipulated in the contracts they signed to fight. It is an especially optimum situation for the Russian and Japanese visitors, whose MMA systems have also disallowed elbow strikes. However, for fighters like Travis Wiuff, a wrestler who actively uses elbow strikes on his hapless opponents, it will be an adjustment and, more importantly, a loss of a weapon. "I do use them a lot, and it’s actually been hard in my training to resist the instinct to use them," Wiuff honestly commented. "I think it will be okay though. I use them most the time I’m in side mount, but I’ve been working in punches there."

In addition to the "no elbows" topic, fighters were especially verbal regarding the "No kicking of a downed opponent" regulation, with both Hansen and Kotani asking for verification on the rule in various demonstrated scenarios. Kotani actively utilized the translator provided him, while Hansen’s English was surprisingly accomplished enough to easily keep up on his own.

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Miller vs. Jhun
Jason Miller and Ronald Jhun comment on their welterweight title fight scheduled for this Saturday at Super Brawl
By Joe Hall

They’re very different, yet similar. One is brash and loud, the other courteous and quiet. One will shock you, offend you, and then make you laugh, sometimes in just one sentence. The other will make you feel like an old friend, sometimes in just one greeting.

Both are tough welterweights on the fringes of the UFC. One fought there in August, the other was supposed to in June. On Saturday, Ronald Jhun and Jason Miller will meet in Hawaii for the Super Brawl welterweight championship. In addition to the title, both are fighting for a higher rung on the welterweight ladder, a position one step closer to a debut or a return to the UFC.

FCF spoke with both fighters on Wednesday:

FCF actually caught Jason "Mayhem" Miller on the, um… john. He insisted he could do the interview, however, and after a brief pause and the sound of a flushing toilet, the interview began. To capture best how the following conversation went, imagine him laughing loudly every three for four sentences.

FCF: Who have you been training with for this fight?
Jason Miller: I trained for a couple weeks in Atlanta, Georgia, with the guys at Velocity Kickboxing. There are some really tough standup guys over there and, also, I had the chance to train with Rory Singer from Athens. He came down and helped me train. When I was in Vegas, I trained with Marc Laimon and the guys from Cobra Kai. I literally have the best, in America, the best submission wrestling room I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s definitely up there. We have the best grapplers I’ve ever seen. I get depressed sometimes because the guys are so good. I’m used to being a big fish in a small pond, being able to beat everybody’s ass. In there, man, a lot of times I just get my ass kicked. It’s a humbling experience. It keeps me hungry to train all the time.

What is your impression of Ronald Jhun?
He’s a rockheaded Hawaiian, bro. He’s a tough, tough guy. That’s why I’m so excited about this fight. You put two rockheads in the ring together, and there’s going to be some sparks. It’s going to be one of those fights that afterward I’ll be like, Damn that was fun. It’s not going to be one of those fights where the guy gives up. It’s going to be something that my body remembers.

What’s your biggest advantage going into this fight?
I think I’m a much more technical fighter. I think I’m a little more slick than he is. He’s a straightforward fighter. I think that I’m really going to beat him on being smooth about the way I fight. He’s going to slip up, and I’m going to catch him.

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Reality Fighting 7 Preview
By Jim Genia

The date: Saturday, October 16th. The place: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, New Jersey. The event: Reality Fighting 7 – where local East Coast up-and-comers come to battle it out in North America’s only octagon-shaped ring. Four championship titles are on the line this time around, and with an additional ten bouts scheduled it should prove to be an action-packed night for MMA fans. Here’s a brief look at some of the fighters:
Glen Sandull, Planet Jiu-jitsu

Glen Sandull is the reigning undefeated Reality Fighting heavyweight champ – a title he snatched from Carlos Cline at Reality Fighting 4 after three rounds of nonstop punishment. He’s stayed at the top since then, utilizing seemingly unstoppable takedowns and a relentless ground assault, but at Reality Fighting 7 the Planet Jiu-jitsu representative faces a new and improved Cline (thanks to Team Renzo Gracie) in a rematch. Does Cline have what it takes to dethrone the dominant wrestler? Or will this be a repeat of their first meeting?

"Beating Carlos in our first fight means nothing," says Sandull. "I try not to underestimate anyone and I know Carlos will be better prepared this time." He adds: "This is a new fight with two improved fighters and anything can happen."

His prediction for the bout? "I would like to hit a submission on Carlos but a win of any sort would be enough. I know it’s not going to be an easy task. I expect a war."
Jordan Pergola, Team Renzo/Bellmore Kickboxing Academy

He first came onto the scene back in 2001, grounding and pounding to earn a decision over slugger Jose Rodriguez. He resurfaced this past April, crushing an overmatched opponent with strikes in a mere 13 seconds. There’s a great deal of buzz surrounding Jordan Pergola. Is it well founded? Or is it just hype? On October 16th, we’ll know for sure, as the powerful wrestler-turned-kickboxer takes on veteran brawler Lance Everson in what should be a real test for both men.
Laura D’Auguste, Team Tiger Schulmann

When these two ladies met at Reality Fighting 5, it ended in a draw after two rounds of back-and-forth action. Now, at Reality Fighting 7, Laura D’Auguste and Amanda Buckner will have three rounds to settle things – and the undefeated D’Auguste will get a chance to avenge the only blemish on an otherwise spotless record.

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