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Thursday, Mar 06, 2003

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From the event’s promoter:

Championship Bout Postponed!

Looks like all the fans looking forward to the much anticipated Super Brawl match between Super Brawl Champion Egan Inoue and Shooto Champion Masanori Suda will have to wait 6 more weeks!

6 more weeks to unify the belts. The bout was initially scheduled for March 22 with both combatants agreeing to terms. But the bout will now be held on Friday night, May 9.

It seems the Shooto Champ may be trying to play head-games with Inoue. In an e-mail sent to T.Jay Thompson (Super Brawl promoter) on Thursday, Suda’s management stated Suda needed more time to prepare. No further information was made available.

When contacted Egan Ioue replied, "Maybe he is just scared. If he is trying to play mind games with me it is not working. I understand he holds the Shooto belt, but a professional fighter should be prepared. I am working a full time job (at Merck Pharmaceuticals), raising a family and still found the time to train. But it’s O.K., maybe he just wants to hold onto his belt for a few more precious weeks. I will be here waiting on May 9."

Thompson stated, "These things happen in the fight game. I never have a dull moment. I am just disappointed that the fans will have to wait till May 9 for this spectacular event." To ensure the May 9, date, Suda has now signed a contract with a considerable penalty if he misses the May 9th date for any reason.

Ticket holders to the March 22 event can return or trade their tickets in at the Blaisdell box-office.

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