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Thursday, Feb 07, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Girl Power: The UFC 157 Push Begins

UFC 157 headliner and champion "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey

By Joshua Molina

UFC is intensifying its UFC 157 promotional push beginning tonight with the debut of Primetime: Rousey vs. Carmouche.

The show is reportedly the best UFC Primetime special ever, capturing perfectly Carmouche’s coming out story.

Even if she gets tapped out quickly by Rousey, Carmouche will emerge from the event a huge star, and forever be known as the first openly gay or lesbian athlete in MMA.

Let’s hope Carmouche can be more like Buster Douglas than Marvis Frazier.

. . . Everybody’s talking about Uriah Hall’s sick knockout of Adam Cella on The Ultimate Fighter, but as bad it was, it wasn’t the worst of the week.

Cella may have lost a lot, but he didn’t lose millions of dollars in earning potential like Alistair Overeem did when he got knocked out by Bigfoot Silva.

. . . As usual, Chael Sonnen was hilarious in his recent comments blasting the MMA media, suggesting we would do whatever UFC President Dana White wants for a steak dinner.

But Sonnen goes too far when he says MMA journalists don’t understand the sport.

They may not be able to win a fight, but many MMA journalists do know how fighters win and lose fights, and why some are more well-rounded than others.

For example, any member of the MMA media knows that Jon Jones has several weapons to defeat Chael Sonnen, but Sonnen’s only real chance is to wrestle away the title from Jones over five grueling rounds and hope for a decision.

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