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Monday, Nov 26, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown”: Lorenz Larkin – Luke Rockhold Twitter Spat A Sad Illustration of Strikeforce’s Pathetic Fall

Lorenz Larkin (left) is better known for throwing bombs in the cage, but he dropped one on Strikeforce champ Luke Rockhold outside of it earlier. Photo credit: Esther Lin/Strikeforce

By Joshua Molina

The dying days of Strikeforce are becoming more pathetic by the day. Santa Cruz surfer and American Kickboxing Academy star Luke Rockhold pulled out of his fight against Lorenz Larkin for the second time. Rockhold was scheduled to fight Larkin on Jan. 12, but “re-aggravated a wrist injury” that canceled the first planned fight in November.

With 11 fights under his belt, it’s not a stretch to say he’s injury prone. He missed 18 months because of a shoulder injury in 2010 and 2011 and hasn’t fought since his July 14, 2011 title defense against Tim Kennedy.

Larkin blasted Rockhold on twitter, suggesting that he’s not injured, but doesn’t want to fight him:
“@danawhite hey Dana I hurt my right pinky toe guess I can’t fight wish I started 2 years before I did so I could have skipped this pu**y era”

Larkin later said in a published report that Rockhold isn’t “mentally tough.”

Rockhold responded on twitter that he’s not going to fight anyone “one-handed.”
Title or no title, let’s hope these guys lock up in the UFC. Larkin has done a great job of calling Rockhold out. Can Luke let Larkin get away with essentially calling him a “pu**y?”

Strikeforce was once MMA’s second-hottest brand, far more superior to the level Bellator is currently at, but the last six months have illustrated what a lack of promotion and investment can do to a strong brand.

At this rate, fighters and fans will be lucky if the Jan. 12 card happens at all.

Georges St. Pierre is showing that he’s a smart fighter outside the cage too. The famed Canadian hero said on a radio show over the weekend that he will fight Anderson Silva when he’s ready, but that there are good fights in his division before that happens.

Considering that Silva walks around about 40 pounds heavier than GSP, the fight really favors Silva, not GSP. Dana White wants to cash in on a mega pay day by pitting these guys against each other, but everybody will make more money in the long run by waiting another year, and letting both fighters battle the men in their divisions, of which challengers are aplenty.

Besides, if the UFC wants a dream fight in 2013, let it be between Silva and Light Heavyweight king Jon Jones, a far more competitive match-up among guys closer in size. If Chael Sonnen miraculously upsets Jones, then the UFC can book Silva vs. Sonnen III, a fight that everybody knows would sell.

Let GSP fight the winner of a Nick Diaz vs. Johny Hendricks fight. Both of those guys deserve title shots and both would pose legitimate threats to GSP’s gold.

posted by JoshuaM @ 4:40 pm
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