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Thursday, Mar 14, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Nick Diaz Sounds A Lot More Authentic Than GSP in UFC 158 Countdown Special

Nick Diaz

By Joshua Molina

Underneath the inarticulate speech, rough edges and brash persona, sometimes UFC fighter Nick Diaz makes a lot of sense.  In the UFC countdown special, Diaz comes across as vulnerable, thoughtful, and a bit scared.

And that’s OK, considering that his opponent Georges St-Pierre comes across arrogant, over confident and elitist.

On the other hand, Diaz said he’s not ready for the fight. He’s said he’s not happy to finally have the fight because  there are other people starving and suffering in the world.

He did say he was happy he wasn’t one of those people.  But where Diaz made the most sense was on the issue of medicinal marijuana.

Diaz has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactive disorder. He smokes medicinal marijuana to alleviate his anxiety.  In California this is legal, as long as one has a recommendation from a doctor.  The Athletic Commissions, however, doesn’t allow this exemption. Diaz twice in his career has been suspended for marijuana.

It cost him a year after his close decision loss to Carlos Condit.   Diaz, in the Countdown special makes an excellent point. Why do the commissions allow fighters to undergo testosterone replacement therapy, but ban medical cannabis that Diaz uses to relieve anxiety and help him sleep?

It’s safe to believe that marijuana doesn’t build muscle or enhance endurance like more testosterone does.

What the countdown special shows is that Diaz, behind the tough guy attitude, is a thinker, who cares about people, thinks logically, and has a lot of vulnerability.

He may not defeat GSP on Saturday night, but I don’t think it matters that much to him in the grand scheme.

He just wants to be heard. And, in the Countdown special, he has a lot worth listening to.

posted by JoshuaM @ 8:02 pm
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