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Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” No Stopping Ronda Rousey and Her Main Event Status

Ronda Rousey (left), first UFC women's champion in history Photo Credit: Esther Lin/Showtime

By Joshua Molina

Dan Henderson’s boxing coach Gus Pugliese is upset that the Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida fight is underneath the Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche main event on Feb. 23 in Anaheim, California.

He might be right to be upset, but he needs to let it go.

Those who argue against Rousey headlining are going to be on the wrong side of history by the time it’s all said and done.

Rousey is the runaway train who can’t be stopped, not until someone defeats her in the cage.

Her brand is hot and the most exciting thing going in MMA.

Of course a fighter with 6 wins shouldn’t be awarded the belt and then put in a Pay Per View main event. On paper, that’s absurd.

But, this isn’t paper. This is the real world. UFC President Dana White is taking a risk because he believes in the Rousey and the potential of women’s MMA.

If you are gonna roll the dice, you have to real them hard. If you want women’s MMA to succeed in the UFC, you have to invest in it.

What’s White supposed to do? Put her in the semi-main event? What would that say about White’s feelings about women in MMA? White is smart enough to know that you either go all out or you don’t go at all.

Rousey is like HulkaMania, Lady Gaga and Glee; You can’t stop it. You just have to sit back and watch the show, and wait for it to stop or slow down on its own.

Henderson is a legend and should act like one. He will go down as one of the greatest of all time. Rousey is far from earning that title.

History will be the ultimate judge and Hendo needs to worry about defeating, the younger, faster Machida. Henderson won’t be able to stalk Machida looking for a right hand. Machida is much too good to fall for that.

Henderson isn’t fighting Jake Shields.

Henderson will be in for a war and Rousey, or his place on the card, won’t matter anymore, the first time Machida lands a kick to the face.

Henderson and his camp need to play nice and support Rousey in the main event.

It may not be right for Henderson and Machida but it’s the right thing to do for the sport and women’s MMA.

posted by JoshuaM @ 9:52 pm
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