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Friday, Oct 05, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Shamrock Opens Up and a Big Weekend in MMA

MMA Legend and First-Ever UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Frank Shamrock. Photo courtesy of: James Manalisay/Strikeforce

By Joshua Molina

Apparently, there was some sadness behind Frank Shamrock’s shiny, smiling grill.

He said in his new book that the purchase of Strikeforce by Zuffa led to a reawakening of his alcoholism.

Shamrock was part of Strikeforce’s core, a member of the original team that launched the company in 2006.

The UFC pioneer hasn’t shown his pain on camera. He has remained a skilled analyst for Showtime, showing a remarkable knowledge of the sport.

Shamrock belongs in the UFC Hall of Fame but will never get there as long as Dana White is in charge. The two despise each other.

Shamrock should consider finding some investors and starting his own MMA promotion. The sport needs a smart mind who puts the fighters first when promoting cards.

Don’t miss Invicta FC’s all women’s show Saturday night at www.invictafc.com. One thing about women’s MMA, is that you very rarely see the “lay-and-pray” that is so common in the men’s division. Women fight and go all out, creating some dynamic action.

The show’s 14-match card should be another thriller.

Also Saturday night Dave Bautista makes his debut inside the cage.

Bautista, former WWE champion, is no Brock Lesnar. He’s no Bobby Lashley. He’s not even Kimbo Slice.

It may be unfair to make those comparisons when Bautista hasn’t even stepped inside the cage. He may turn out to be great and surprise everybody. But it’s not likely.

Bautista has a million-dollar body, but he’s 43 and he wasn’t a very good pro wrestler. Fortunately for Bautista, he was friends with Triple H, WWE CEO Vince McMahon’s son-in-law, which allowed him an opportunity in the main events.

His main rivalry was against Triple H, a phenomenal pro wrestler who is known for having great matches with everybody, including a stiff, slow Bautista.

It would be awesome to see Bautista become a huge MMA champion. It would be great for pro wrestling and maybe encourage other skilled, younger pro wrestler to switch. But it’s not likely and let’s hope Bautista doesn’t make a fool of himself — or get seriously injured — in his MMA debut.

He’s fighting a guy named Vince Lucero, who has a pro record of 22-22. Lucero undoubtedly will look out of shape compared to Bautista.

But if he knows how to fight, it could be a long – or short night, for “Big Dave.”

The fight will be available in DirectTV.

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