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Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Stephan Bonnar’s Guide to Victory (No Spinning Backfists)

Stephan Bonnar (pictured) headlines UFC 153 against Anderson Silva

By Joshua Molina

It’s only fitting that The American Psycho Stephan Bonnar will try to knock Brazilian superstar Anderson Silva off his pound-for-pound best throne this Saturday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It just might happen. If Bonnar can just avoid throwing a spinning backfist.

In other words, Bonnar must avoid a making a stupid mistake, unlike Chael Sonnen, who threw away a year of awesome trash talk by trying a stupid move on a great fighter.

Bonnar can win, and win by KO, if he lets his hands loose immediately, and has no fear of getting knocked out himself.

Bonnar is bigger, hits harder and has a decent jiu-jitsu game. He’s never been knocked out or submitted.

But Bonnar will have to do more than survive to win Saturday night. He’s shown that he can’t win the big fights, whether it’s Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans or Jon Jones.

Bonnar will have to dig deep. But he has another thing going for him. Bonnar went the distance with Jon Jones. He won’t be starstruck by Silva.

Analyst tend to overthink MMA.

How can Bonnar win? He needs to hit Silva in the face, preferably as Silva is moving forward, or off a clinch.

Bonnar must turn the fight into a slugfest. Forget three rounds. Bonnar needs to come out swinging heavy, like Mike Tyson, in a live-or-die, all-out moment.

Silva is used to guys showing him a healthy respect and engaging in a feeling out process.

Forget that. Bonnar needs to turn the fight into a scrap. He needs to plan on knocking him out in one round.

If Bonnar waits, Silva will wait. And Silva will slowly pick him apart with his kicks and punches. If this fight goes to the ground, forget it.

I don’t care how strong Bonnar is. You can’t beat a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt at his own game.

Look what happened when Sonnen, a better wrestler, laid on the ground with him for too long. He got tapped out, after four rounds of superior fighting.

There is no science to this fight.

Bonnar needs to fight fearless. He needs to forget that Silva is the best in the world.

He needs to forget that he’s fighting in the UFC.

He needs to forget that 350,00 people might be watching the fight on Pay Per View (sorry UFC, there’s no Chael Sonnen or Brock Lesnar on the card).

He needs to forget everything. Bonnar needs to listen to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” watch the old Marvin Hagler vs Tommy Hearns fight and come out swinging like Hagler, and imagine that his very life is at stake.

Just go out their like an animal, a human buzzsaw, like a Cyborg (Cris, not Evangelista). He needs to leave it ALL in the cage.

Just don’t throw any spinning backfists.

posted by JoshuaM @ 5:58 pm
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