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Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” The Real Mega Fight is Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones

Jon Jones

By Joshua Molina

Bruce Buffer makes his living screaming    “It’s Time,” to the UFC fighters.

Well, “it’s time” for for two of the best fighters in the world to scream back.

“It’s time” for Georges St. Pierre and and Anderson Silva to tell the UFC and Dana White “No!”

A Georges St.-Pierre vs. Anderson Silva fight makes no sense.

GSP cannot beat Anderson Silva.

The UFC should back away from forcing this fight before it seriously hurts the GSP brand for no good reason.

It’s true that the fight would do a monster Pay Per View rate, but so would a lot of fights.

If the UFC wants to put the best pound for pound fighters in the world inside the cage it should focus on an Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones superfight.

We already know Silva can move up in weight fairly easily. Those two are more closely matched than Silva and GSP.

Of course Silva wants a GSP fight. Although GSP is probably the best athlete in MMA, he’s going to have a very tough time against Silva.

Silva knows this. He also knows it will be much easier for him to beat GSP than Jones. GSP can’t finish fights. Jones can.

Barring something we haven’t seen from GSP in several years, he’s probably not going to knock out or submit Silva. The odds are much better that Silva will KO or submit GSP.

A Silva vs. Jones fight would be much more competitive and would draw the same or more on Pay Per View.

GSP also has plenty of challengers in his division. There’s Johny Hendricks, who poses a legitimate threat to GSP. We know he can knock GSP out if he hits him in the kisser.

There’s Nick Diaz, who has great boxing and Jiu-Jitsu skills, and who would push the action against GSP.

And in case you missed it, it’s pretty clear that GSP does not want the fight.

GSP is a brand with legitimate challengers in his division. He shouldn’t be asked to move up until there’s no one left for him to fight.

Silva, on the other hand has pretty much cleaned house. It makes sense for him to move up in weight and challenge Jones.

Silva is more of a man if he fights Jones.

And if GSP and Silva agree to a weight in the middle not for a title? That would be a waste. It would only weaken both titles.

Belts mean something and when the supposed top fighters in the world fight, it should be for the championship.

Dana White and the UFC want to book the fight for one reason — a big payday.

But what happens after the fight?

Most likely Anderson Silva retires as the best fighter in MMA. The GSP brand is weakened, and he still had to drop down and defend his championship.

The UFC would have popped a major pay day, but GSP likely would get defeated along the way. And Silva would retire.

Let GSP fight Hendricks or Diaz. Let Silva fight Jones, if Jones beats Sonnen.

And the UFC should not lead the GSP brand straight off the plank for the sake of a big payday, when there are several other big pay days out there for both guys.

posted by JoshuaM @ 7:39 pm
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