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Thursday, Nov 15, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” The UFC Has Botched GSP’s Return

Georges St. Pierre (GSP)

By Joshua Molina

If the UFC wonders why there is a seemingly lack of interest in this Saturday’s welterweight Championship fight between Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit, the answer is simple.

Dana White and the UFC are spending too much time talking about a fight that may never happen — GSP vs. Anderson Silva.

The UFC appears to be pulling for GSP to win, even declaring that a Superfight is possible in May of 2013.

If the UFC isn’t taking Condit seriously, why should the fans? If Saturday is simply a stepping-stone match, why would the fans care?

Silva doesn’t even want to fight until the end of 2013, yet somehow the UFC is allowing a super fight to overshadow the return of GSP.

GSP isn’t even GSP anymore. He’s just one-half of a potential superfight.

The UFC has had so much success over the last seven years that it’s understandably hard for them to take criticism.

But as big-time returns go, the UFC has botched GSP’s big return.

The underlying theme is, “Welcome back, GSP! We can’t wait to see your next fight.”

The reality is that there is as much talk in MMA right now of a GSP-Silva fight as there is the GSP vs. Condit fight. Booking 101 says you don’t have a fighter feuding with multiple opponents at the same time because it dilutes the potential draw of both.

If Saturday’s show doesn’t sell out, if Pay Per View buys are lower than expected, and if overall buzz is down, it won’t be difficult to know why.

And lack of interest will be the least of the UFC’s problems if Condit wins because then it will have a unified, undisputed champion that not the fans or the UFC believes is the best in the world.

posted by JoshuaM @ 8:10 pm
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