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Tuesday, Oct 09, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” There’s Mayhem Everywhere

Jason "Mayhem" Miller

By Joshua Molina

Jason “Mayhem” Miller has surprised us again, but this time he at least keeps his clothes on.

Miller, who was arrested several months ago for trashing a church and removing all of clothes, annoyed most of us with his appearance Monday on Ariel Helwani’s MMA radio show.

Miller appeared as Lucky Patrick, a character he plays in the upcoming movie Here Comes The Boom.

The video is widely available on the web. Some people are worried about Mayhem’s health, but Miller looks totally in control of his character during the skit.

Miller, burnt out on MMA, has experience a career meltdown since his loss to Michael Bisping in the UFC earlier this year. He was then cut by the promotion.

His Lucky Patrick gimmick is just Mayhem being a goof and using the character to hide his problems.

Mayhem is being a reckless dork, but he at least knows what he is doing.

Let’s hope the rumors about the UFC dissolving Strikeforce aren’t true.

The Internet is buzzing with gossip that Strikeforce will no longer air on Showtime and the entire UFC-owned promotion will be folded into the UFC.

It’s probably only a matter of time, but when Strikeforce does officially close it will be a sad day in MMA.

The once second-biggest promotion in the sport could have been great had the Silicon Valley investors who owned tbe company not sold it the UFC.

Competition makes every business better.

Some unscripted violence broke out on last night’s WWE Raw show. WWE champ CM Punk, a big MMA fan, left the ring to stand in the audience with the fans after his match. Behind him, a fan appeared to slap softly the back of his head and shoulder – twice.

Punk turned around a open-hand punched a fan standing behind him. That’s a big problem – especially when you hit the wrong fan.

The fan did not look seriously hurt, but he filed a police report and his glasses were broken.

The whole thing was captured on live TV and it is available on the internet.

The return of Monday Night Football and the drama over the replacement refs, has killed Monday Night Raw wrestling ratings, sinking the show to a 2.5 – a 15-year-low for the company.

The promotion was looking to pop a huge rating last night with the return of Vince McMahon, but could end up with much more than a ratings bounce.


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