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Monday, Sep 17, 2012

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” UFC 152 — Time to Focus on the Fighting Again

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones

By Joshua Molina

After the most controversial month in recent UFC history, Jon Jones will finally step into the cage and fight this Saturday at UFC 152.

Jones will battle Vitor Belfort in a fight that would never had happened for not the wild chain of events that were triggered after Dan Henderson pulled out of the original fight with Jones.

Let’s get real here: The last month has been fun, but it’s all about to end. Barring a monumental upset, Jones will likely make short work of Belfort, who doesn’t belong in the same conversation with Jones, much less cage.

Lost in all the drama over Jones is the fact that he’s possibly the best mixed martial arts fighter in the world, and at the very least the second best. George St. Pierre has been gone too long to be considered No. 2., although a win over Carlos Condit would launch him back quickly.

For the good of the sport, Jones needs to triumph over Belfort and we all need to move on with our lives.

That includes Chael Sonnen. The trash-talking lightning rod is “in full camp” looking to step in for Belfort should he get injured.

Note to Chael. Get a life. He’s a distraction and he needs to focus on his own fights.

Unless he knows something the rest of us don’t, Sonnen should stop trying maneuver himself into the limelight here.

The worst thing that could happen to Sonnen is for Belfort to pull out of the fight. If by some miracle Sonnen were to fight Jones, he’d be in big trouble.

His best hope would be to wrestle Jones to a decision victory, but that would be extraordinarily tough, given Jones’ ample physical abilities.

Sonnen doesn’t want to be the guy who got creamed twice in three months in the first round.

UFC needs to turn the corner on the Jones-Henderson-Dana-White-Greg Jackson-Lyoto Machida-Sonnen debacle.

Let’s get back to fighting inside the cage, not out of it.

posted by JoshuaM @ 8:47 pm
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