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Tuesday, Feb 19, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” With Josh Barnett, Another Coup Opportunity

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Josh Barnett (photo via Strikeforce.com)

By Joshua Molina

Does Barnett equal Bellator?

Josh Barnett, the fast-talking heavyweight, appears to be headed away from the UFC after a breakdown in contract talks. That’s a loss for the UFC, which has a lot of mediocre heavyweights. Antonio Bigfoot Silva, after all, is getting the next title shot.

Barnett is being cryptic about turning the UFC down, by only saying he wants something that was offered to Eddie Alvarez. In the grand scheme of things, Barnett is worth a lot more than Alvarez. Barnett’s a world-class heavyweight with awesome charisma. Alvarez is a great fighter, but the UFC has a lot of great lightweights and Alvarez hasn’t had the level of exposure that top UFC lightweights enjoyed.

If Bellator is smart it, will jump on Barnett and begin building its roster of guys who choose not to fight in the UFC.

. . . Trash-talking Rory MacDonald injured his neck, putting his career and mouth on hold.

A good reminder: Don’t write checks your behind can’t cash. Now, MacDonald is out indefinitely, while his target, Carlos Condit, is fighting on the big show against Johny Hendricks.

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