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Thursday, Mar 07, 2013

Heated Debate Between Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz Dominates UFC 158 Call, Challenger Takes Issue With “Beat Down” Comments From Champ

St.Pierre (left) and Diaz (photo via Paul Chiasson/ Canadian Press)

By FCF Staff

Not only did Nick Diaz attend today’s conference call to promote his March 16th, UFC 158 bout with welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre, but the outspoken fighter dominated the call with several angry outbursts.

The call was reasonably civil to begin with, as both St. Pierre and Diaz sidestepped questions regarding any animosity between them. St. Pierre relayed that Diaz deserves a title shot, while the challenger cited a lack of recognition, as the primary reason why he proactively sought out a bout with the champion.

After several more follow up questions, however, the call was quickly dominated by an argument between Diaz and St. Pierre, regarding the champion’s pre-fight claim that the challenger is “disrespectful” and that he needs to be “beat down”.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s call.

-When Condit was asked for his take on the GSP-Diaz bout, as the welterweight has fought both, he relayed that “Nick poses some problems” for George but that he sees the champion “coming out on top.”

– St.Pierre relayed that Diaz is not the first man to “disrespect” him and try to “get in his head,” and that for him it’s another fight.

– Diaz said that calling out St. Pierre was more about trying to get the fight and get the respect he feels he deserves, rather than disparaging St. Pierre. Diaz added that “I don’t get a lot of recognition”, and that he’s “left out” of  the mainstream media.

– Diaz added that St. Pierre is “ready to fight” and that because the welterweight “recognizes him as the right opponent”, he “has no problem” with the champion.

– St. Pierre said he is not “thinking past Nick Diaz”, and that he is not worrying about who he might fight next.

– When asked if his preparation for this bout has been different, Diaz relayed that he always tweaks his camps and looks to improve every bout. The former Strikeforce champ added that he “always looks past my opponent”, which is why he’s in “the number one spot,” and repeated that he doesn’t understand why St.Pierre hasn’t asked to fight Anderson Silva.

-Diaz said “I would be honored” to be in the position to fight the “185 pound champion or the 155 pound champion.” Diaz added that he believes he can “beat either guy.”

-Diaz criticized St. Pierre for admitting that he has someone who tweets for him. The outspoken fighter added that “I don’t have people handing me water bottles” or handling “my money”, because “I’m too busy fighting.”

-When St. Pierre was asked if he’s “pampered”,  Diaz quickly interjected, and said “you’d better be” with “all that money”. The champion then countered by calling Diaz an “uneducated fool”, before explaining that he doesn’t come from money, and that Diaz needs to understand that you need people to “help you make money.”

-Diaz then claimed “I have nothing against you”, but that “if I had the money” and “the right people working with me” he’d be more financially successful.

-St. Pierre then told Diaz “I speak English better than you”, before Diaz attempted to explain that he wasn’t attacking the champion for being “pampered.”

– Diaz then exploded into an angry speech claiming that certain fans don’t like him, and even wish him harm, because of St. Pierre’s comments that Diaz deserves “to be beat down.” Diaz added that “I’m not a disrespectful person” and that “I don’t deserve to be beat down.”

-The welterweight champion reiterated that “you’re the right guy to fight,” and that the animosity between them is professional rather than personal.

-Diaz stated that he doesn’t “like being made out like an evil person who needs to be conquered.”

-The talented fighter added that “I like Georges St. Pierre”, and that he doesn’t mean “to talk shit”, before arguing that MMA’s scoring system needs to be adjusted to address wrestlers who stall the action.

-When Hendricks was asked to comment on Diaz’s comment that no one wants to see GSP square off with the decorated wrestler, he pointed out that he rarely looks for a takedown.

UFC 158 will be hosted by Montreal’s Bell Centre and will also feature Johny Hendricks taking on Carlos Condit. The card will be available via pay-per-view.


posted by FCF Staff @ 4:18 pm
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