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Thursday, Apr 12, 2012

International MMA Federation Official, UFC Endorses Organization

UFC executive Marshall Zelaznik and IMMAF President August Wallen (right) (Photo courtesy IMMAF.org)

By FCF Staff

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation has officially begun its work to regulate and promote the sport around the globe. Registered as a non-profit organization in Sweden, the IMMAF hopes to enable “international competition through the organization of national MMA federations around the world.”

According to the organization’s official website, the IMMAF will strive to further the development and recognition of MMA, as well as aid in organizing national federations and international amateur competitions.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship released a press release endorsing the IMMAF, which included statements from both the promotion’s CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and Senior Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner.

“In order to maintain the successful growth of our sport, it is important to invest in resources that will develop and cultivate it at an amateur level,” Fertitta said. “Having an umbrella organization that will oversee and help build the sport on a global level will not only provide advanced and ever-improving safety standards but will also create a unified global model to help introduce the sport to new markets. It is our hope that it will also take us one step closer to witnessing the inclusion of the sport of MMA on the Olympic programme.”

“The creation of this organization is long overdue,” Ratner said. “MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world and we support the Federation’s focus on providing a globally unified set of rules and safety measures to help keep all fighters safe. While there are many obstacles ahead in the formation of this international organization, we are confident of the outcomes and advancements this group will make for the future of our sport.”

The IMMAF site includes the following outline of the organization’s structure.

IMMAF is registered as a non-profit organization under Swedish law and upholds the strictest guidelines on democracy and openness. The following comprise the bodies of IMMAF:

  • General Assembly – The General Assembly is the meeting attended by all the Delegates of the Members of IMMAF. It is the supreme and legislative body of IMMAF.
  • Board of Directors – The Board of Directors is the executive body of IMMAF. It consists of minimum 5 to maximum of 9 members.
  • Administration – The task of the administrative staff is to implement the decisions made by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, and carry out all the administrative duties of IMMAF, under the supervision of the President or his/her designee.
  • Arbitration Committee – The Arbitration Committee is the body that resolves disputes.
  • Financial Audit Committee –The Financial Audit Committee is a body independent of the Board of Directors that is tasked by the General Assembly to audit the financial activities of IMMAF.


The IMMAF Board of Directors is headed by president and founder August Wallen, and includes Bertrand Amoussou, George Sallfeldt, Robbie Olivier, Carl Otto Knudsen and Tom Madsen.

More information is available about the newly created organization at IMMAF.org.



posted by FCF Staff @ 1:09 pm
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