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Sunday, Oct 12, 2003

M1: Russia Vs. The World 6

M1: Russia Vs. the World 6
By Keith Mills

Moscow, Russia — St. Petersburg based promotion M1 held their first show in Moscow, called "Russia vs. the World 6", on October 10th. The Russians were represented by the Red Devil Fight Team including UFC vets Amar Suloev and Andrei Semenov while the World "team" was represented by fighters from the U.S., Spain, the Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, and Germany. On the main card officially the Russians 9-2, however both Malkhasyan and Komisarov were listed as Russians in their fight and Komisarov lost.

Suloev vs. Okami
Suloev tagging Okami

The only foreign fighter to receive support from the fans was Heavyweight Champion Bob Schrijber in his fight against Roman Zentsov, the only title fight on the card. After tapping out, the 39-year-old Schrijber announced he was retiring although his future plans were not clarified.

Roman Zentsov defeating Bob Schrijber
Zentsov defeating Schrijber

The two U.S. fighters, Keith Wisniewski and Chris Albandia, went 1-1 with Keith getting an early guillotine choke off his opponent’s shoot while Chris’ loss was due to an eye injury sustained when both he and Semenov shot at the same time and accidently butted heads.

Daniel Tabeira vs. Sergei Kaznovski
Tabeira vs. Kaznovski

Ranking Fights;
Juri Ivlev def. Sergei Goliyaev 2:35 by choke
Alexey Prokofiev def. Sukharev Alexander 5:04 by choke
Ovagim Manusadjan def. Igor Abaev 2:51 by choke

Main Card:
Keith Wisniewski def. Danila Vaselov 1:54 by guillotine
Musail Alaudinov def. Engberg Joakim 6:59 by TKO
Ansar Chalangov def. Vladimir Yushko 2:16 by choke
Denis Komkin def. Tulio Costa 1:37 by foot lock
Mikhail Bogdanov def. Thomas Rahders 0:21 by TKO
Arman Gambaryan def. Fabricio Moura 2:11 by rear-naked choke
Andrei Semenov def. Chris Albandia 0:50 by doctor stoppage (cut from head collisions during takedown)
Amar Suloev def. Yoshin Okami 4:44 by TKO
Martin Malkhasyan def. Igor Komisarov 1:15 by strikes
Roman Zentsov def. Bob Schrijber 2:12 by submission (neck crank)
Daniel Tabeira def. Sergei Kaznovski 10:00 by judges’ decision

United Full Contact Federation:
A Night of Champions II

Held October 11, 2003
At the Edmonds Community College
Lynnwood, Washington
By Mike Neva

Saunders pounding on Young
Saunders pounding on Young

Over 1000 rabid fans jam packed the intimate Edmonds Community College gym to see their home town favorite Boyd Ballard look to avenge the losses of team-mates Otto Olson and Landon Showalter, who were both defeated Team Quest stand out Chris Leben. Sporting a perfect undefeated record, Leben had ran through both Olson and Showalter in consecutive fights and looked to tack onto his unblemished record with a win over Ballard. As the fight began both fighters circled until Ballard rushed and was able to clinch and slam Leben to the canvas. From his guard, Leben looked for a kimura followed by an arm bar, which Ballard was able to power his way out of. After a second unsuccessful arm bar attempt, Leben was undeterred and once again searched for the submission. The third time would prove to be the charm as this time Leben clamped on a tight arm bar, which had Ballard quickly tapping the mat giving the Team Quest fighter a third consecutive victory over PBBA.

The aforementioned, Otto Olson, looked to get back on the winning track after being Ko’d in his previous fight. After having multiple opponents pass on the fight it was Justin Gardner who finally stepped up to the plate and took the fight mere hours before the show began. It became quickly apparent why match maker Charles Pearson had such a difficult time finding an opponent for the former Michigan wrestling standout. Olson immediately took Gardner down, attained the full mount and began to pound away with punches until the referee called a halt to the onslaught just 44 seconds into the opening round.

In other action Joel Pettit had a strong showing against first timer Quinton Krall. After being knocked out in a world record of 1 second in his last fight, Pettit methodically worked for a myriad of submissions until finally catching Krall in an Achilles lock. Rob Dyer also fought a terrific fight against Thai Konchonji. Dyer imposed his will dominating the fight and eventually wore Konchonji down, took his back and locked in a picture perfect rear-naked choke for the submission victory.

1. Novice Kickboxing
Hamidullah Bebron def. Shawn Cahill by decision after 3 – 90 second rounds

2. Novice Pankration
Chris Madsen def. Charles Brown by TKO from an injured knee at: 13 of round 3

3. Novice Kickboxing
Tony Sandbothe def. Noah Slastohler by decision after 3 – 90 second rounds

4. Novice Pankration
Ron Wince def. Michael Liamic by unanimous decision after 3 – three minute rounds

5. Novice Kickboxing
Ariana Trembanis def. Cassie Trost by split decision after 3 – 90 second rounds

6. A Class Pankration
Joel Pettit def. Quinton Krall by achilles lock at 1:06 of round 2

7. Muay Thai
Jason Swan def. Tony Garcia by TKO from an injured knee at: 37 of round 2

8. Novice Kickboxing
Rob Williams def. Brian Hedrick by unanimous decision after 3 – 90 second rounds

9. A Class Pankration
Rob Dyer def. Thai Konchonji by rear-naked choke at 1:33 of round 1

10. Muay Thai
Tony Williams def. Angkear Moa by TKO didn’t answer the standing 8 count at 1:43 of round 2

11. A Class Pankration
Otto Olson def. Justin Gardner by TKO referee stoppage from punches at: 44 of round 1

12. A Class Pankration
Jeremy Saunders def. Chris Young by TKO referee stoppage from punches at 1:47 of round 2

13. A Class Pankration
Chris Leben def. Boyd Ballard by arm bar at 2:18 of round 1

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