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Monday, May 07, 2012

Mark Hominick to UFC and Eddie Yagin: “I’d Like a Rematch”

Hominick (photo via UFC.com)

Featherweight Discusses Defeat in Recent “Fight of the Night”

By Kelsey Mowatt

It may have been one of the more exciting slugfests in recent memory and earned him “Fight of the Night” honors, but at the end of the day, Mark Hominick left UFC 145 with his third consecutive loss. After falling behind in his recent April 21st bout with Eddie Yagin, Hominick was unable to convince two of three judges that he had outscored the powerful featherweight throughout the remainder of the bloody contest, and lost by split decision.

“I wanted to establish my jab to keep him on the end of my punches; I think I needed to turn over the right hand,”Hominick told FCF, when asked where he went wrong against Yagin. “I should have come back with the right hand a little bit more.”

“I was landing the jab and doing damage with it,” Hominick added. “People don’t understand that with MMA gloves if you hit someone with a hard jab you’re going to do damage. I think I was. I could have thrown in some more leg kicks and even scored a takedown as well.”

Early on, it appeared as though Yagin might score an early stoppage, as the heavy underdog sent Hominick to the canvas with a series of right hands.

“The first knockout I was definitely stunned; I had to work hard to recover,” Hominick acknowledged. “It was a flash knockdown, I got right back up, but for a minute I was worried.”

“The second knockdown, it wasn’t even a knockdown,” Hominick furthered, while discussing action from round two. “If you watch it close, I defended the punch, it just knocked me over. It scored heavily but I don’t feel like it was  real knockdown, he just knocked me over. He throws all his weight into his punches and he knocked me over.”

After outscoring Yagin in round three, Hominick was hopeful that he had done enough to pull off the comeback win.

“I honestly did; I thought I had done enough to win,” Hominick said. “I thought the last round was very dominant and could have been a 10-8. The second round I thought I had won, but if I had gotten the decision he could be saying the same thing.”

“I just want to win,” Hominick added. “I just want to win so bad. The last couple of fights I just seem to be getting the wrong bounce. Just like in basketball, golf, or whatever, instead of it going in it just goes the wrong way. I’ve been here before; it’s just time to go to work you know?”

Although the fight left both men bloody, and Hominick in particular was heavily bruised, the 29 year-old vet reports that he received no substantial injuries from the bout.

“There’s nothing wrong with me. I just swell easy,” said Hominick. “My eyes swell…there’s nothing on my face now and there’s no injuries from the fight. It’s frustrating, but again, I’ve been here before and I know how to work hard. By Tuesday I was back running.”

While Hominick would have obviously rather emerged with a victory, securing “Fight of the Night” honors and an extra $65 thousand helped take the sting out of the defeat.

“Sure, as I joked with my manager, when he texted me and said I had gotten the “Fight of the Night” bonus, I texted back and said ‘that made the swelling go right away,” Hominick relayed. “Obviously it’s a positive you can take from the loss. It was a fight people were talking about.”

Although Hominick (20-11) has lost three bouts in a row, one of the losses came against the always tough Chan Sung Jung, and the other to renowned champion Jose Aldo last April. Now, it will be interesting to see who the UFC decides to match Hominick up against next, in light of the fighter’s recent setbacks.

“I’d like a rematch,” said Hominick, who added that he’s hoping to fight on the promotion’s next card in Toronto, which is expected to take place in September. “I know the UFC doesn’t like doing rematches but I think it makes sense. A lot of people think I won the fight, we got “Fight of the Night”, so let’s settle it and maybe put on another “Fight of the Night.”



posted by FCF Staff @ 8:16 am
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