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Tuesday, Aug 28, 2012

Media Watch: Anderson Silva Wants GSP Regardless of Condit Fight Outcome

UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva

By Michael Hatamoto

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva still has a lot of fight left in him, despite demolishing his arch nemesis Chael Sonnen (again) earlier in the year.

Silva is anxious to step into the cage against welterweight Georges St. Pierre, which would be a “super fight” that MMA fans and journalists have repeatedly asked for.

Even if GSP lost to Carlos Condit at UFC 154, which is a possibility as GSP is recovering from an injury and may suffer ring rust, Silva still wants his chance at the French-Canadian.

Here is what Silva recently said on Sport TV:

“Regardless of who wins, even if St. Pierre loses, a fight with me can happen.  A fight like this is above anything else.  St. Pierre is one of the greatest of the UFC.  Right now, a fight with Condit is meaningless.”

Well, a fight between GSP and Condit isn’t ‘meaningless’ since it’s a welterweight title unification fight – but a potential super fight between Silva and GSP would be a major draw.

Honestly, I don’t believe GSP taking a fight against Silva would make much sense beyond collecting a major payday from the UFC and sponsors.  Unless GSP is able to out grapple Silva for 15 minutes, he certainly won’t be able to hold a striking advantage against Silva.

Furthermore, GSP’s legacy has already been created – and solidified – even if he loses to Condit and never fights Silva before he’s done.  GSP is still the best welterweight in UFC history, and should be able to retire with his head held high.

However, it’s still a fight I’d very much like to see in the future, especially if Silva isn’t interested in moving to light heavyweight for a showdown against Jon Jones.

posted by FCF Staff @ 5:24 pm
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