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Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011

Nate Marquardt Says Hormone Therapy Behind Failed Medicals, UFC Dismissal

By FCF Staff

After days of speculation as to why Nate Marquardt was not medically cleared to compete at Sunday’s  UFC Live on Versus card, the veteran fighter stated today that hormone therapy was the causal factor behind his licensing issues and subsequent UFC release.

Alongside manager Lee McMahon, Marquardt made his first public statements today regarding the recent events in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on  “The MMA Hour” internet program. According to Marquardt, after feeling ill and incurring mood swings last summer, he was diagnosed with low testosterone and began medically prescribed treatment for the condition in August. Marquardt said that the treatments were disclosed to the UFC.

Marquardt contended that approximately three weeks removed from his scheduled June 26th fight with Rick Story, his personal doctor recommended a more aggressive treatment to help alleviate his symptoms. Subsequent tests indicated testosterone levels above the acceptable limit, and although his levels apparently continued to drop as Saturday’s weigh-ins approached, they were still too high to receive clearance from the Pennsylvania Commission.

Marquardt and McMahon added that the fighter’s medical condition and therapy treatment were disclosed to the Commission prior to the event. Marquardt believes his suspension will be lifted this week as recent tests apparently demonstrate testosterone levels within the acceptable range.

An emotional Marquardt said that ultimately it is his responsibility for what unfolded, before McMahon added that they should have monitored the former middleweight contender’s testosterone levels more closely with additional testing.

Due to the fact that the June 26th bout would have been Marquardt’s first Octagon appearance at welterweight, speculation as to whether the former middleweight’s weight cut may have played a factor has been widespread. As pre-fight reports seemed to indicate, Marquardt reiterated today that his weight cut was going fine.

The 32 year-old-fighter did say that his testosterone levels dropped significantly after Saturday’s scheduled weigh-ins, and that being significantly dehydrated in preparation for them, may have played a factor in his high test levels.

McMahon said that although Marquardt’s camp and the UFC kept in contact leading into Saturday’s events, they, like the public, found out about Marquardt’s dismissal from Dana White’s Twitter post.

Marquardt did not comment on whether he will look to secure work with another promotion, instead stating that he is waiting for “the dust to settle” before making any decisions regarding his future.

The Pennsylvania Commission is expected to make a ruling on Marquardt’s suspension soon.



posted by FCF Staff @ 2:46 pm
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