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Thursday, Mar 13, 2003

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Renegades Unleashed
Renegades Extreme Fighting Championship

Austin Music Hall – Austin, Texas
Report & Photos by Michael "Mikie" Martinez

Howdy, from the Lone Star state! On February 15, 2003, the Austin Music Hall hosted the Renegades Extreme Fighting Championship. Warriors from around Texas congregated in Austin not only to showcase their talent, but also to prove that they are the toughest competitors in the state. Renegades had everything from slick submissions to knockdown, drag-out wars in the ring. The house was packed, the athletes were ready, and the media was in a frenzy to report what was sure to be a night of action-packed MMA action.

Fight 1: Takahiro Tamikozono (Lion’s Den) vs. Rocky Long (Yves Edwards 3rd Column)
Round 1: Both of the fighters quickly clinched against the ropes with neither gaining the upper hand. After the fighters separated, Tamikozono shot in and Long sprawled. Tamikozono worked Long to the ground and took his back. Having both his hooks in, Tamikozono worked frantically for the rear-naked choke, but the tenacious Long would not give in. The round ended with the ref standing up both the fighters and a roaring crowd.
Round 2: Many exchanges took place in round two with Long winning on both the judges’ and the crowd’s scorecards. Tamikozono again shot in for the takedown with Long sprawling. Tamikozono managed to get both his hooks in while on Long’s back, but yet again was unable to sink in the choke. With about 10 seconds left in the round, Long was able to reverse his position on the ground and Tamikozono pulled guard.
Round 3: Tamikozono looked to shoot, however Long kept him at bay with his superb sprawl. A scrambled ensued from the sprawl with Long throwing a knee that connected to Tamikozono’s face. Under Texas fight rules, a fighter cannot knee his opponent in the face while his opponent is on the ground. This illegal strike consequently resulted in a point deduction from Long’s score.
Result: Tamikozono by unanimous decision.

Fight 2: Chris Bowles (Lion’s Den) vs. Randy Hauer (Ricco Rodriguez)
Hauer looked really crisp and clean landing some nice Thai kicks to Bowles’ legs. But Bowles wanted this fight on the ground and when he got it there, he took Hauer’s back and sunk in the rear-naked choke.
Result: Bowles by rear-naked choke in round one.

Fight 3: Craig Huffman (self-trained) vs. Lee King (Houston Kickboxing Academy)
King initially sought to showcase his stand-up talents by keeping it on the feet and trading. He started off by landing some sweet Thai kicks and knees to Huffman’s legs and midsection. After absorbing a few of King’s strikes, Huffman decided to go in for the shoot and initiate his ground game. To Huffman’s surprise, King not only sprawled like a wrestler, but had a ground game as well. The fighters scrambled after the sprawl and King easily sunk in the rear choke.
Result: King by rear-naked choke in round one.

Munoz vs. House
Munoz vs. House

Fight 4: Chad Cook (Patumwadee Gym) vs. Jose Luis Munoz (Team Pound)
This fight was only thirty seconds long, but for thirty seconds it was anyone’s fight. Both of the fighters immediately went to the ground and were on their backs when Munoz slapped on the Achilles lock.
Result: Munoz by Achilles lock in round one.

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