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Friday, Dec 07, 2001

Nhb Banned In Sao Paulo!

NHB banned in Sao Paulo!
By Eduardo Alonso

      This past week the sport of Mixed Martial Arts suffered a terrible blow in Brazil. The Mayor of Sao Paulo, Miss Marta Suplicy, sanctioned a law that forbids any NHB/MMA event to be held in the city of Sao Paulo.
      Just when the sport is starting to grow again all over the world, the biggest city in Brazil and the 3rd biggest in the world takes this huge step back in the efforts of the Brazilian NHB community. The law was written and proposed by a councilman from the same party as the Mayor. The councilman, Mr. Arselino Tatto was quoted in a local newspaper as having said, "This kind of event only gives incentive to violence, especially when they are shown on TV. This — which for me isn’t a sport — makes me sick." The sad thing is that this councilman also said that he had only watched one NHB fight in his life, and apparently this was enough for him to prejudice a whole sport community, with lots of professionals involved. However the MMA community in Brazil is already making all possible efforts to change that, since this can represent a major threat to the future of the sport in Brazil, with all the importance in terms of investments that the city of Sao Paulo can represent. Also, MECA World Vale Tudo was supposed to hold a show in Sao Paulo in March, and this can hinder plans for that event.
      FCF hopes that this situation will change soon, and we will work along with the MMA community in Brazil to change this scenario. Look for a complete article in the January edition of FCF, as well as updates on the situation.
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