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Monday, Nov 12, 2001

November 13, 2001

This week’s episode of Full Contact Fighter TV will feature…

Highlights of Williams/Rodriguez, Barnett/Hoffman, and Penn/Uno from UFC 34: High Voltage.

Also, a feature on UCC and highlights of the Light Heavyweight King of Pancrase title fight betweek Minowa and Kikuta.

The show will air tonight on MSG Network at 11:30PM (Eastern time) and again on Friday night on the Sunshine Network at 11:30PM (Eastern time).

Check with your local cable or satellite provider and your local listings.

From the event’s promoter:

"Meat Truck" punches way to win in Extreme Fights

      MOUNT HEALTHY, Ohio — Kerry Schall, better known as “Meat Truck,” made his return to the ring after a knee injury a quick, but impressive event at Extreme Fights near Cincinnati.
      Schall defended a takedown, then landed a flurry of punches to the head of Chicago’s Lenn Walker that forced a tapout only 33 seconds into the main event of an eight-bout card. Schall, a veteran of Extreme Challenge and RINGS Japan, came into the bout at a lean 265 pounds… down 30 pounds from his previous bout.
      "I worked hard for this fight… I wanted to make a statement," Schall said. "I’m doing this fulltime now, and hopefully, I’ll be ready for the bigger events next year."
      Schall, who trains at Excaliber Fitness with up-and-coming Rich Franklin, said he would train a lot at Miletich Martial Arts Center in Iowa the next few months.
      The results:

  • Kurt Kindred def. Jason Halderman, kneebar at 2:49 of Rd. 2 (7:49).
  • Steve Martin def. Ron Fields, triangle choke, 3:32 of Rd. 1.
  • Joel Siebert def. Eric Weikel, triangle choke, 2:01 of Rd. 3 (12:01).
  • Greg Franklin def. Eric Turner, TKO standing, 2:28 of Rd. 1.
  • Chris Wells def. Dennis Reed, guillotine choke, 1:28 of Rd. 1.
  • Michael Pat def. Mark Norcross, armbar, 1:48 of Rd. 1.
  • Maurice Walker def. Ron Fields, front choke, 3:11 of Rd. 1.
  • Kerry Schall def. Lenn Walker, tap from strikes, :33 of Rd. 1.

* Note: When Maurice Walker’s opponent failed to show, Ron Fields filled in, making his second appearance of the show.

John Lewis

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Joao Roque vs. Bozo Paling

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From the event’s promoter:

Results from Battlejax 11-10-01

Main Events:

Matt Rogers (Peacocks Academy\Jacksonville, FL) Vs Eric Hill (Spartan Academy\Orlando, Fl):
This fight started off with immediate excitement. The two fighters clinched up immediately and Matt Rogers scored a take down. Then the fighters were stood up as they were in a stalemate position. They clinched up again and Hill initiated a head and arm take down. However Rogers countered and took Hills back. Hill attempted to escape but found him self mounted and backed up against the cage. Rogers began to unleash big right hands. And the Referee Mansour Hedari stopped the bout much to everyone’s dismay, as Hill was able to defend himself and was simply in a bad position. Mansour Hedari, the referee, was not in a position where he was able to see if Hill could not defend himself. Which the referee himself, also stated after the fight. He was simply trying to protect the fighter from injury however upon reviewing the video it is clear that the stoppage was quite early. Eric Hill whom himself was very concerned that the bout was stopped when he was unharmed, handled the situation like a complete gentleman raising the hand of Rogers while most of the crowd was very disgruntled about the stoppage. Eric himself stated after the bout that he doesn’t really care about wins or losses he does this for the competition, which he enjoys, and that he enjoys putting on a great fight for the spectators. However, take nothing away from Matt Rogers who was bringing the fight to Eric Hill. Matt also stated he felt that it was an early stoppage and would have no problem giving Hill a rematch.

Mike Lee (F-2 Arena\Gainsville, FL) Vs Kenny Tenerio (USA Shootfighing\Birmingham, AL)
This was a battle of 2 KOTC veterans. Both with big records, Mike Lee came in with 20wins and Tenerio with 11wins to his name. Tenerio ran forward and pressured for the take down immediately. Mike Lee stopped the take down attempt and sank in his patented Mike Lee Super Guillotine. Tenerio tried to escape and foot stomped Lee a few times. Lee being a veteran wasn’t about to give up his position even with the pressure from Tenerio’s stomps. Lee tightened the Guillotine forcing Tenerio to tap at 1:03 into the first round.

Chad Cook (Arab, AL) Vs John Hosegood (High Performance Martial Arts\Lakeland FL)
Chad Cook dominated the fight from the get go. Cook took Hosegood down and landed in side position where he delivered a big knee to Hosegood’s face, which broke his nose. Cook proceeded to take mount where he was unleashing some punches to Hosgood’s head. Hosegood covered up well but Cook made space and cracked a right hand to the temple of Hosegood to win by KO.

Other Highlights:
Up and coming Heavy-weight Seth Petruzelli fighting out of Kokopelli’s Gym in Orlando, destroyed local Jacksonville fighter Victor Majuskaus. Petruzelli opened with a big uppercut and followed with a flury of punches followed with a big suplex where Petruzelli landed 3 more punches that rearranged Majuskas’s face.

Steve Dunn of Peacocks Academy had a war with Jimmy Prima a heavy-handed fighter from Mississippi. Prima came out banging and landed big hooks and uppercuts Dunn stuck in there and landed a couple of good inside leg kicks. Dunn took Prima Down and punished him with blow after blow to the head winning the fight by TKO. But look out for Prima he is only 18 and with hands like his he is going to be a tough opponent for anyone.

Official Results:

  1. Arron Lassiter (McCullough Submission Fighting\Beaufort, SC) defeated Brad Bonner (Valdosta,GA) by arm-bar at 3:19 into the 1st round.
  2. Mike Davis (F-2 Arena\Ganisville, FL) defeated James Stell (Peacock’s Academy\Jacksonville, FL) by arm-bar at :36 into the 2nd round.
  3. Joe Lane (Jacksonville, FL) defeated John Manguno (McCullough Submission Fighting\Beaufort, SC) by Key Lock at 1:14 into the 1st round.
  4. Lee Peacock (Peacock’s Academy\Jacksonville, FL) defeated Wilfred "Chill Wil" Moore (V.M.A.C.\Valdosta, GA) by TKO with strikes from the mount at 1:21 into the 1st round.
  5. Jerry Gummo (McCullough Submission Fighting\Beaufort, SC) defeated Ryan Nokamura (Kokopelli’s Gym\Casselberry, FL) by arm-bar at 3:32 into the 1st round.
  6. Steve Dunn (Peacock’s Academy\Jacksonville, FL) defeated Jimmy Prima (Mississippi) by TKO strikes from the mount at 2:45 into the 1st round.
  7. Seth Petruzelli (Kokopelli’s Gym\Casselberry, FL) defeated Victor Majuskaus (Jacksonville,FL) by TKO at :29 into the 1st round
  8. Chad Cook (Arab,AL) defeated John Hosegood (High Performance Martial Arts\Lakeland, FL) by KO with strikes from the mount at 2:10 into the 1st round
  9. Mike Lee (F-2 Areana\Gainsville FL) defeated Kenny Tenerio (USA Shootfighting\Birmingham, AL) by Guillotine at 1:03 into the 1st round.
  10. Matt Rogers (Peacock’s Academy\Jacksonville, FL) defeated Eric Hill (Spartan Academy\ Orlando, FL) by referee stoppage at 2:05 into the 1st round.

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