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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Opinion: Athletic Commissions Need to Change Marijuana Policy

UFC star Nick Diaz (pictured) has tested positive for marijuana during his career

By Michael Hatamoto

In most states across the U.S., marijuana is still very much an illegal substance, but there is a larger calling for state athletic commissions to turn a blind eye to THC testing.

It’s ironic that the athletic commissions willing to accept testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) as a legitimate medical need, for a growing number of aging fighters, but still refuse to tweak rules regarding THC.

UFC lightweight Pat Healy is the latest MMA fighter to test positive for marijuana – and that cost him $130,000 in fight-night bonuses – with Sports Lab coach Phil Claud supporting Healy, though will have a stern talk with the experienced MMA fighter.

Healy reportedly smoked around one month away from his fight night, and wouldn’t have been high while fighting in the cage. However, the THC metabolites were still in his system and that’s what caused him to have a positive drug test.

I think smoking pot is very much a personal decision and it’s far from performance enhancing – but if it’s on the banned substances list, however, fighters should avoid it at all costs. Fighters often have a small window to remain in active competition, and smoking marijuana costs fighters precious time and money.

If anything, maybe fighters interested in smoking marijuana should buy a drug testing kit and see if they test positive.

posted by FCF Staff @ 11:02 am
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