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Friday, Apr 26, 2013

Opinion: Don’t Take the Bait, Dana!

UFC President Dana White

By Michael Hatamoto

UFC President Dana White is an extremely outspoken leader of the company, willing to engage casual MMA fans and directly attack reporters on his bad side.

Sometimes, there are certain cases when he should just ignore the trash talk – and I think speaking about heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury is one of those times. Days after publishing an editorial about why Fury is good for boxing – in part because of his ability to talk a great game – White invited the British boxer to the UFC.

During the fan Q&A earlier in the week, here is what White had to say: “Come on over. We’ll make a deal. You want to fight Cain (Velasquez)? Come on over here. You will get smashed.”

The idea of watching a 6’9” boxer with little wrestling or submission defense skills try to land a haymaker shot against someone as skilled as Velasquez, the current UFC heavyweight champion, doesn’t sound appealing to me. I couldn’t imagine any other outcome but an easy Velasquez submission or TKO win (via ground and pound) while avoiding Fury’s strikes.

If, for some unforeseen reason, Velasquez does get clipped by Fury, the UFC suddenly threw its heavyweight champion under the bus.

Fury’s promoter, Mick Hennessy, said while Fury is one fight away from earning a shot at boxing heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, and now wouldn’t be the right time to transition into MMA. However, it’s a possible move “down the line” and Fury would “definitely” make a jump from the ring into the octagon if given the right deal.

Come on Mr. White, do the MMA world a favor and simply ignore Fury’s trash talk and do NOT sign him to a fight contract!

posted by FCF Staff @ 3:09 pm
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