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Thursday, Jul 06, 2000

Bama Championships Continue…

From the event’s promoter:

Shootfighting Pictures

BAMA Championships Continue…

Saturday   July 8th, 2000
Fights start at 6:00pm (doors open at 5:00pm)
South Plainfield High School
200 Lake Street     South Plainfield, NJ   07080

Can’t see your favorite sport on TV?
Come check out the action LIVE!!!

*   Shootfighting   *   Muay Thai   *   Grappling   *   Mixed Martial Arts   *

Fighters will battle it out for Lightweight and the Super-heavyweight titles in two 4-man elimination tournaments. Championship belts are on the line. Also, additional Shootfighting, Muay Thai, and grappling matches are scheduled to be on the card.

For further information: call (908) 352-0622
Or visit http://members.aol.com/shootfyter

From Monte Cox:

Horn, TK join ‘strikers’ in RINGS USA

      OREM, Utah — In general, the rules for RINGS favor the strikers over the grapplers. So, it comes as no surprise that the first-ever RINGS USA event, scheduled July 15 at the McKay Center in Orem, Utah, features some big punchers.
      However, the most recognizable fighters taking part in the “Rising Stars” event are Jeremy Horn and Tsuyoshi Kohsaka (TK), both 5-time UFC veterans and predominantly submission grapplers.
      "RINGS rules takes so getting used to," said Horn, who is 1-2 in that style. "You have to look at things differently… you can’t just go out, look for the takedown, pass the guard and get the mount… that doesn’t mean as much as in NHB. You have to control the opponent throughout and hold your own on your feet."
      RINGS rules permit punches, kicks, knees and elbows while standing, but only punches to the body on the ground. Grappling also is limited if position is not being improved.
      Half of the 16-fighter field (8-man brackets in 2 weight divisions — 200-under and heavyweight) has UFC experience. Six competitors have competed in previous RINGS events.
      Besides Horn and TK, fighters with UFC experience include Keith Mielke, Jermaine Andre, Tyrone Roberts and Trent Jenkins in the 200-under; and Travis Fulton and Harry Moskowitz in the heavyweights.
      Horn, TK, Roberts, Fulton, Bobby Hoffman and Chris Haseman have RINGS experience.
      Keeping with the international flavor of RINGS, fighters will represent 3 countries other than the U.S… TK of Japan; Haseman of Australia; and Victor Burtsev of Russia.
      The second half of the RINGS USA: Rising Stars event is scheduled for July 22 in Honolulu. Four fighters (2 from each weight division) will advance from each event, making up two Final Four tourneys on Sept. 30 in Moline, Ill.

A Bracket
July 15, McKay Center, Orem, Utah
Tickets: 1-888-844-SHOW

200-under bracket

Jeremy Horn
Keith Mielke

Griffen Reynaud
Trent Jenkins

Jermaine Andre
Clint Wiggins

Tyrone Roberts
Chris Haseman
Heavyweight bracket

Bobby Hoffman
Victor Burtsev

Aaron Brink
Harry Moskowitz

Craig Montgomery
Greg Wikan

Travis Fulton
Tsuyoshi Kohsaka

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