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Saturday, Nov 02, 2002

Bitetti Combat Brings Nhb To Brazil’s Northeast!

By Eduardo Alonso

BITETTI COMBAT Brings NHB to Brazil’s Northeast!

      Carlson Gracie black belt and UFC veteran Amaury Bitetti takes his prestige into yet another venture: Promoting! Alongside co-promoter Conrado, Amaury is using his name and know-how to bring the sport of NHB to Brazil’s Northeast, a region known for beautiful beaches and that has being developing some great NHB fighters. Names like Rodrigo and Rogerio Nogueira, Jorge Navalhada and Assuerio Silva, among others, were all born in cities located in the Northeast of the country. The event will be held on November 28th, in the gorgeous city of Natal, the capital of Brazil’s Rio Grande do Norte state, at the Machadao gymnasium, a facility that holds more than 10,000 spectators.
The promoters expect a packed house with the ever-growing interest for NHB in the city. BITETTI COMBAT NORDESTE will be the freshman outing of an event that has plans to take place other Brazilian cities in the future, and it will deliver an 8-fight card, with a mix of some seasoned veterans and newcomers. Promoters are working hard and promise a great production for the event. Brazilian cable channel Sportv will cover the event. FCF plans to be there as well delivering you all the action! Keep checking our page as we’ll release more news about the event in the coming days. Here is the event’s card: