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Thursday, Mar 21, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” Chael The Pro Wrestler Returns — Woooo!

Chael Sonnen

By Joshua Molina

Chael Sonnen, you’re back.

Maybe it was the rumored 850,000-Pay Per View buy rate for the GSP vs. Nick Diaz fight that sparked Sonnen to turn on the pro wrestling persona, to defend his Pay Per View title.

Whatever it is, Sonnen is in full Superstar Billy Graham mode, taking shots at everyone from his April 27 opponent Jon Jones to Vitor Belfort, Ryan Bader and Tito Ortiz.

Sonnen delivered a masterful poem on Fuel TV, blasting Jones, the UFC Light Heavyweight champion.

“I got a call one day from Dana, he said ‘Chael, I’m putting you to work.’
‘You see, I overpaid for this light heavy, who I now realize is a jerk.’
‘He’s been winning fights, but not with brains or with brawn.
‘And his matches and his one-armed cartwheels are making the whole crowd yawn.
‘I mean, nobody’s coming to see him in living rooms or in bars.
‘Why don’t you send this guy to Cirque de Soleil, or Dancing with the Stars?’

Later Sonnen says:
“So I went and did some homework, I got some tapes of his fights.
I suggest you all give them a try, if you’re having trouble sleeping at night.
They tell me he’s good, but I know that can’t be true,
I saw him get armbarred by Vitor, and he’s 52!”

Chael doesn’t talk trash. He sells fights. By the time Sonnen steps into the cage to fight Jones, nobody will care if Sonnen can actually win. They will just want to see the fight.

And if Sonnen pulls off the upset? Look out. He’ll be the biggest mainstream star the UFC has ever known.

But Sonnen didn’t stop there.

On Twitter, Sonnen is trying to hot shot a tag team fight at WrestleMania next year between himself teaming up with UFC President Dana White against WWE king CM Punk and WWE owner Vince McMahon.

“Reason you guys work in a ring and not an Octagon is because nobody on your roster can count to 8, you DOPE,” Chael quipped on Twitter.

Sonnen decided to go after McMahon after White revealed recently in an interview that McMahon asked White to work a match with him at WrestleMania. McMahon agreed to let White win. If White didn’t want to do a worked match, McMahon said the two could fight for real.

White, not knowing how truly fearless (some would say insane) McMahon is, declined the fight, believing Vince, who would have been 64 three years ago when the fight was approved, would have been hard to pull off. White is 43.

McMahon has battled Hulk Hogan, Donald Trump, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret “Hitman” Hart, so fighting White would have been an easy night for the greatest promoter on the planet.

Expect the WWE and the UFC to stage some great shows together down the road. For the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania next year, McMahon wants a monstrous show.

In the meantime, Sonnen has a fight to sell. And we know he will succeed easily at that task.

posted by JoshuaM @ 6:09 pm
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