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Friday, Feb 15, 2013

Full Contact Fighter’s “The Daily Takedown:” UFC’s Dana White Hurts Women’s MMA By Berating Cyborg

UFC President Dana White

By Joshua Molina

UFC President Dana White says he is “done” with Cris “Cyborg” Santos.  Hilariously, he claims that Cyborg doesn’t want any part of Ronda Rousey.

White at times can be a brilliant business mind.  But he repeatedly  trips on his own tongue.  He clearly doesn’t understand or fully appreciate women in MMA.

White believes Cyborg is lying about not being able to cut weight from 145 to 135 pounds.  It’s not like Daniel Cormier cutting weight to 205.

Cyborg has a history of benefiting from using performance enhancement drugs. Clearly she is cut and ripped. She is more muscular than every other female in the sport.

But that doesn’t mean she can easily cut 10 pounds. And besides, why does White have to vilify Cyborg?  He’s protecting Rousey like she’s his girlfriend.

White has a history of berating fighters, hurting his own pocketbook.  From Jon Jones to Nick Diaz to Dan Henderson to Anderson Silva.  If White were smarter, he’d embrace Cyborg. Like it or not, she’s probably the best female fighter in the world.

If something were to ever happen to Rousey (God forbid), Cyborg would be the next most marketable female star.  White is banking an entire division on one woman. He’s a lifelong fight fan and follower of the sport. He should know that anything can happen at any time.

As a promoter, he should know that you need multiple acts to sell shows.  The more he dismisses Cyborg, the more he hurts a potential big pay day between her and Rousey.


posted by JoshuaM @ 7:03 pm
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