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Thursday, Dec 27, 2012

K-1 Global Holdings, WAKO, and SuperKombat Form Strategic Partnership

Former K-1 champ and competitor Alistair Overeem

By K-1 (via press release)

K-1 Global Holdings, WAKO (World Association Kickboxing Organization), and SuperKombat have signed the Worldwide Cooperation Agreement to form a strategic and cooperative partnership.

Agreement Summary:

1. The three organizations (K-1, WAKO, SuperKombat) agree to create a global synergy and help and support each other worldwide.

2. K-1, WAKO, and SuperKombat agree to mutually advertise the others’ logos when promoting Kickboxing events in order to strengthen the visibility of their respective brands.

3. K-1 and SuperKombat will provide support, including financial, to WAKO’s official worldwide events and WAKO’s winners in the international championship under K-1 rules.

4. WAKO recognizes K-1 and SuperKombat as the official professional event of the alliance and will support local promoters in production and to acquire the necessary authorizations for K-1 and SuperKombat to hold their events in areas under the jurisdiction of WAKO. Moreover, WAKO will cooperate with K-1 and SuperKombat to protect the brand in countries where other promotions try to promote events under similar rules.

5. K-1 and SuperKombat recognize WAKO as the ruling World Amateur Kickboxing Federation and will cooperate with WAKO to make kickboxing an Olympic sport.

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