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Monday, Aug 06, 2012

Media Watch: UFC “Ref Cam” Goes Unused at UFC on FOX 4

By Michael Hatamoto

The ideal opportunity to show casual MMA fans video feed from the ‘Ref Cam’ didn’t occur at UFC on FOX 4, so FOX and the UFC avoided televising any bad camera angles.

Craig Borsari, UFC head of production, noted that the ref cam wasn’t utilized during UFC on FOX 4, but will be used again this fall.

“We didn’t use it tonight.  They never put it in the live telecast.  There were some good looks, but not good enough to put in the live telecast.  We’re going to keep making tweaks.

Here is what MMAJunkie.com reported UFC President Dana White said:

“Craig wants to do it.  That’s my head of production.  What am I going to do? (I) pick and choose my battles.  I’m not going to fight with him about everything.  If he wants to keep the Ref Cam that he himself doesn’t like, then yes – he can use it.”

I’m not interested in seeing footage from the Ref Cam live, but it could offer a great viewpoint during replays and post-fight.  There is no reason to show video from the Ref Cam if the angles aren’t right and the referee isn’t in ideal position to show anything worthwhile.

There is a lot of potential with the Ref Cam, but if White doesn’t like it – and they can’t get any good angles from it – don’t expect magic to happen overnight.

posted by FCF Staff @ 9:07 pm
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