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Monday, Oct 06, 2003

Official Release Fromteam Extreme And Miletich Fighting Systems

Tim Sylvia weighs in at UFC 44
Official release from
Team Extreme and Miletich Fighting Systems

      UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia announced today that he had taken a banned substance prior to his title defense against Gan McGee on Sept. 26 in Las Vegas.
      "I made a terrible mistake … the biggest mistake of my life," Sylvia said. "I wish I could take it back, but that isn’t possible. So, I’m ready to accept the consequences for my actions."
      The Nevada State Athletic Commission notified Sylvia of the infraction earlier this week. Sylvia hopes to have a hearing in front of the board on Oct. 15 in Las Vegas.
      "After I won the title, I wanted to look better … to have a better physique," Sylvia said. "I have never taken steroids before, so I tried it for a month after the Ricco fight. Now, it’s obvious that it was a big mistake."
      Sylvia said he will abide by whatever decisions are made by the NSAC and Zuffa.
      "I just want to apologize for letting people down… my fans, my teammates, my family, the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the UFC," Sylvia said. "I can’t express how disappointed I am in myself right now. I’ve gotten such great support from so many people … I hope they will stick by me and help me get through this. I want to accept responsibility for what I did, do whatever I have to do to put it behind me, and move on with my career."

FCF Exclusive!
Tito Ortiz Battles Defeat in a Candid Interview, Speaks of Next Opponent

By Loretta Hunt

Tito underneath Randy Couture
On the heels of last week’s UFC 44, FCF has been able to secure the first exclusive interview with former light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz on his devastating loss to undisputed champion Randy Couture. In the comprehensive interview set to run in the next issue of Full Contact Fighter, Ortiz speaks out on the fight, his injuries going in, who and when he wants to fight next, his rematch clause, and a slew of other hot topics. His answers may surprise you. An opening excerpt follows:

FCF:   Tito, thank you for taking the time to speak with FCF. With a week to reflect on the fight, you must have some thoughts regarding it.
TO:     It was everything I didn’t expect. Randy Couture caught me totally off guard. He out-wrestled me in every aspect as a wrestler and as a fighter. It was his night. I couldn’t take nothing away from him. Randy Couture showed me a weakness that I should have never looked past, and that was wrestling. I looked past it for the last month. I don’t know why I could let myself do that. Of course, having a herniated disk in my back had a lot to do with it, but at the same time, I’m not taking nothing away from Randy Couture ’cause he did fight a tremendous fight. I’ll tell you one thing, though, I’m going to be a lot meaner the second time because that just shows what type of takedowns I can take, what kind of punishment I can take, along with the same factor of defending myself. I mean, he never really hurt me one time. He had me mounted, he had me — I was in every position you can get a guy when you take him down, but he never hurt me once.

FCF:   As round after round went by, while you remained unable to take some control of this fight, we can only imagine the thoughts that were running through your head.
TO:     It felt like a dream. It felt like a dream that I wanted to wake up. Every time he took me down it was so light and so, I don’t know, it didn’t feel real I guess ’cause none of it hurt. None of it felt real. I was having a bad dream. I was watching myself in a mirror. It was funny. It was really, really funny. It hurt me, but at the same time, it’s just a factor of how much tougher it’s going to make me. I have so much anger built up. This next time, Randy will be in trouble, that’s for sure.

FCF:   It sounds like your gunning to fight Couture again right away.
TO:     Yeah. There’s no one else to fight right now. I want to fight Randy again. In my mind, I have to get that loss back. I haven’t been beaten in three and a half years. This is a fight I really want ’cause I can prove what kind of champion I really am. That wasn’t Tito Ortiz that fought that night, I guarantee it. I couldn’t believe Randy took me down that easy. Nobody takes me down that easy. I should have let my hands go in the first round. Randy had me intimidated for a second. I gave him too much respect.

FCF:   No one else to fight? I think there are a lot fans that say you could fight Chuck Liddell, maybe even Vitor Belfort first?
TO:     I have no problem fighting those guys right after. I’ll fight Liddell right after. I think I at least should get a rematch for that, because of how we sold out the crowd and how many pay-per-views there were. Of how much work I did as a champion and how long I’ve been the champion, I think I deserve a rematch on that.

Find out what Ortiz had to say next, including his thoughts on matches with both Liddell and Belfort, as well as his response to fan feedback following his loss. All in the next issue of Full Contact Fighter.

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