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Monday, Aug 26, 2013

ONE FC 10: Caros Fodor “Finally”, After Eight Years, Fighting With PRIDE Like Rules

Fodor (photo via Showtime / Strikeforce)

By Kelsey Mowatt

UFC vet Caros Fodor will continue competing on a big stage in MMA, as the lightweight will take on Seung Ho Yang at ONE FC’s next show on September 13th, following his release from ZUFFA earlier this year. Although it’s an intriguing opportunity for Fodor, considering the growth of the Asian based promotion in recent months, it will also be a dramatic change for the Washington State fighter.

Of course, not only will Fodor be traveling overseas to compete, as he will to fight Yang in Jakarta, Indonesia, but in this case he’s fighting someone who’s relatively unknown here in North America. In Fodor’s last two fights he’s battled UFC veteran Sam Stout and former Strikeforce contender and top ranked lightweight Pat Healy. Yang (6-0), however, has yet to fight any top tier vets.

“No, it doesn’t really concern me,” Fodor (7-3) said on Full Contact Fighter Radio recently, when asked whether he’s worried about the fact that there’s likely much more footage circulating of his fights than Yang’s. “I think that everybody who’s watched my losses, my weaknesses are apparent, so I just need to think of myself as a martial artist and fix the holes in my game.”

“I try not to spend too much attention on what the other guy can watch from me,” Fodor added. “It is kind of irritating not seeing some fights of his where he goes the distance, but I think that’s going to play in my favor. He’s an up-and-comer, both of us don’t have a lot of pro fights, but I think I’ve fought tougher guys…I think I have a little more experience than him and I’m looking forward to taking advantage of that.”

And what has Fodor been able to draw from the fights he’s seen of Yang? Who is a member of Phuket Top Team and make his pro debut in 2007 with Pancrase.

“I think he came up, started with Muay Thai, so he has a Muay Thai background and I’ve heard from some people that he’s a legitimate blue or slash purple belt in jiu-jitsu, so he’s pretty well rounded,” said Fodor, who was let go by the UFC following a tightly contested, split decision loss to Sam Sout at UFC 157.

“I’ve seen some of his fights, but personally, I think it’s kind of hard to judge him because I think the guys he’s fighting, from the tapes that I’ve seen, they’re kind of intimidated by him,” the AMC Pankration fighter added. “So they’re probably not the best judge of what he can bring.”

Fodor choking Derek Getzel


Fodor demonstrated accomplished striking skills during his run with Strikeforce, and most notably against Justin Wilcox, when he KO’d the wrestler in 13 seconds.

“I think it’s pretty textbook Muay Thai,” Fodor said, when asked to assess the stand-up game of Yang. “The more traditional Muay Thai without takedowns. So, if he fights me like that, I don’t think it will be a problem for me at all.”

“I’m curious to see how he performs; I’ve only seen him do Muay Thai when there’s no takedowns, it’s just traditional, so if you can mix in takedowns, and real close clinch where they don’t break you up, I’m not sure how he’ll handle that. I’m not sure exactly what his game-plan is going to be, but I’d be fine if the fight is on the feet.”

If the fight does go to the ground, then Fodor will be able to utilize techniques like kicks and knees to the head of a downed opponent, since he won’t be fighting under the unified rules for the first time in his career.

“When I first started training with Matt (Hume) he had “Mach” Sakurai and (Akira) Shoji over and they were always–this was back in PRIDE–and they were training for the soccer kicks and stuff like that. I was always watching that and like ‘man that’s so cool, I wish I could do that’. Finally, it’s eight years later, but finally I’m in the position where I’ll get to do that.”

ONE FC 10 will be available for viewing throughout North America via online pay-per-view.


posted by FCF Staff @ 8:00 am
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