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Tuesday, Feb 07, 2012

Quote Of The Day: MMA Legend Royce Gracie

Legend Royce Gracie

By FCF Staff

Three days after the fact, the debate over who really won the UFC 143 main event matchup between welterweights Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit rages on.  Everyone from the two fighters to their trainers to other fighters to members of the media and fans has offered their two cents about who should have been awarded the judges’ decision and why.

The latest prominent figure in the MMA world to weigh in on the topic is MMA and UFC legend Royce Gracie, who tweeted the following message earlier today:

“(Nick Diaz) won that fight in my.opinion. he is what every fighter should be a true martial artists who comes to fight. Well prepared and with a gameplan. Not one that involves running from a fight. Why come to fight if you gonna run. Hackney was running when we fought and I had to take the fight to him, Shamrock showed up not to lose in our rematch its a shame really.”

posted by FCF Staff @ 3:41 pm
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