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Tuesday, Sep 05, 2000

Press Release “beast Update”

Dan "The Beast" Severn press release:

Press Release "Beast Update"

Labor Day weekend pro wrestling tour in New Mexico, 4 cities and 4 shows.

The weekend started out in Albuquerque, then Gallup, Santa Fe, and Red Rock.

The fans had a chance to see animal from the Legion of Doom, Mr. Perfect Curt Henning, Thee Bush Wackers, Tantanka, Te Navajo Warrior and Michigan’s very own Dan The Beast Severn settle their differences in the squared circle of professional wrestling.

As the tour was just getting ready to kick off, a new development was taking place. One of the main event heavyweight fighters for the Sept. 22nd Ultimate Fighting Championships was knocked out in a fight a week ago. The UFC was in need of a replacement, and Becky Levi Severn’s business partner contacted SEG.

It has been three years since Severn has stepped into the Octagon. Dan has stepped up to the plate and accepted the fight. Contracts were faxed prior to Severn’s departure for New Mexico, and his schedule is already being changed to allow him maximum time to prepare for the top heavyweight contender Pedro Rizzo. The Internet is buzzing with many armchair quarterbacks speculating on this match, but the main issue is the age of The Beast. At 42 years of age does Dan Severn still have what it takes? Severn is a legend in the NHB community, becoming the only Triple Crown UFC winner when it was very raw in format. The rules have changed somewhat and so has The Beast. Severn earned the nickname The Beast from his aggressive style and wild-eyed crazed looks as he tore through the competition.

So while the Honky Tonk Man strummed his guitar on tour, Dan Severn was going for a run. While Mr. Perfect Kurt Henning was working on the perfect tan, Dan was lifting weights. While, The Bush Wackers were performing their forearm strut, Dan was shadow boxing.

Amateur wrestler, pro wrestler, and full contact fighter…Dan has done it all. The unanswered question will be answered soon enough. Does he have what it takes on Sept. 22nd ? Has his time come and gone? Will The Beast appear, or will it be just Dan Severn?

The money for the matched has been agreed upon. It is all the little things that need to be worked out now. This will happen in between workouts, and commitments he has to honor. You can stay up to date with new developments, contract disputes, training updates, and the buzz on the net go to www.the-beast.com

Dan Severn-Becky Levi
The Danger Zone Inc.

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