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Thursday, Nov 22, 2012

Recovering Eddie Yagin Plans to Repay Support By Giving Fans “The Show You Want to See”

Yagin (photo via UFC.ca)

Featherweight Expects to be Sidelined Six Months Due to Head Injury

By Kelsey Mowatt

While there’s no question that Eddie Yagin would have loved to fight Dennis Siver on December 8th as scheduled, and avoided the frightening head injury which pulled him from the bout, the veteran has learned that his support network extends far beyond just his family and friends. After news surfaced that Yagin had been hospitalized, due to what was later determined to be a subdural hematoma, the fighter has been shocked and lifted by the widespread backing he’s received.

“I actually got a lot more support than I ever thought I would get,” the 33 year-old Yagin told Full Contact Fighter while he continues to recover from his home. “I appreciate it. It’s helping me want to heal faster and get back in there, knowing that these people actually are supporting me and they really actually do care to see me in there again, to see me healthy and strong.”

Word of Yagin’s hospitalization began circulating on the web approximately ten days ago, before it was confirmed by the UFC that the featherweight would no longer fight Siver at UFC on FOX 5.

“It makes me stronger inside and it makes me believe a lot more in myself then when I did, not hearing anyone care about me,” Yagin added. “So for the fans that are caring about me and supporting me, I thank you so guys much. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I wish I could give back, but the only way I think I can give back is to get better fast and get back in there; give you guys the show you want to see.”

Yagin, who hasn’t competed since April when he handed Mark Hominick a split decision loss, says he knew something was wrong the morning after a recent training session.

“After training I felt headaches, and from then, I rested that night and the next morning the headache had tripled,” Yagin recalled. “I’ve never had that type of headache in my life so I checked myself into the ER.”

When news of Yagin’s injury first surfaced there was speculation whether a specific incident, like getting knocked during training or hitting his head accidently for example, had led to it.

“It was just a regular training day,” said Yagin. “There was nothing specific like that. It was almost like a freak accident.”

Since his release from hospital, the veteran says he’s been researching his injury more extensively, and believes that medication he’d been taking may have contributed to the subdural hematoma he incurred.

“I would say that this built up,” Yagin noted. “After my last fight I was prescribed pain killers, because my nose was shattered, and a lot of painkillers are blood thinners, and if you read more about my diagnosis it can be caused by a significant amount of blood thinners…I think maybe I just got hit in the right place, the right time, where it was the weakest; where it would affect me the most.”

Thankfully, Yagin did not require surgery, and the fighter is optimistic he’ll be back before next summer concludes.

“I’m going to wait it out a little bit and let my body recover 110% before I do anything,” said Yagin, who also thanked the UFC for their support and the promotion’s health insurance plan which is covering his medical bills. “I’m not the type of guy that likes to go in there at 85%, get hurt, and be out for several more months. I want to be smart about my injuries, so I think I’m going to be babying myself for around six months.”


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