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Wednesday, Feb 19, 2014

Report: Nate Quarry Latest Fighter to Criticize UFC, Says Promotion “Only Cares About Bottom Line”

Photo Credit: NathanQuarry.com

By FCF Staff

One of the first stars from “The Ultimate Fighter” is the latest veteran to criticize the UFC, as Nate Quarry is calling into question how the world’s biggest promotion approaches fighter compensation.

Quarry recently commented on a thread at the Underground, regarding the UFC’s reported plans to introduce a fighter uniform. Here is some of what the retired fighter had to say in his lengthy post:

“People have no clue from the outside what it’s like to fight for the UFC. After spending 10-15 years chasing your dream only to see that the company it’s been your dream to fight for cares nothing about the fighters and only cares about the bottom line.”

“I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to fight for the UFC and everything I have besides my daughter has come from fighting. But let’s not fool ourselves. It’s not a charity. It’s a business. And they are doing everything they can to make money. The fighters are just a product to use and discard. Every up and coming fighter is the best ever. Every ex-fighter who then expresses an opinion is a coward, loser, etc, etc.”

In a follow up interview with MMA Junkie.com, the 41 year-old Quarry thanked Dana White for paying for a back surgery he underwent several years ago, but noted “it wasn’t a charity”.

The rugged fighter went on to add that ““It’s a business. They’re making money. They’re making a ton of money.”

White has relayed recently that the promotion is working on a new sponsorship plan, which will help fighters financially. The promotion’s new uniforms are reportedly part of this plan.

Quarry’s last fight took place in 2010 when he was stopped by fellow TUF vet Jorge Rivera. The “Rock” went 7-3 during his run with the UFC.


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