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Sunday, Jul 08, 2001

Rsf Eye Of The Storm

From the event’s promoter:

RSF Eye Of The Storm

Event: "THE EYE OF THE STORM": The Ultimate Fighting Event of its kind
Event Sponsor: Reality Super Fighting, Jamie Levine, President
Event Date: Saturday, July 21, 2001
Place: St. Lucie Civic Center, Ft. Pierce, Fl
Time: Fights start at 7 p.m.
Tickets on sale now at the St. Lucie County Civic Center Box Office 561-462-1526
Ticket Prices: $10, $15, $20 (ringside)
Web site: www.realitysuperfighting.com

Eye Of The Storm poster
Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Cage Fights Come To Area No-holds-barred fights will rock the St. Lucie County Civic Center, Ft. Pierce on July 21. Ten matches will take place in a steel cage. Local favorite Chad Saunders will take on nationally acclaimed champion Karl Schmidt in the main event.

There are few rules and lots of action inside the cage. Fighters may use any form of hand-to-hand combat which may include boxing techniques, kicking, elbow, knee strikes and Submission wrestling techniques. Matches are won by knockout, by one of the fighters giving up (signaled by the contestant "tapping out", that is tapping on the mat), by the referee stopping the match, or by the judges’ decision.

Fights are generally three four-minute rounds. Title fights are longer. The few rules that are part of the contest prohibit the fighters from eye gouging, groin strikes and biting.

Even though it is easy to follow the action, the fighters are extremely skilled and do whatever it takes to win or just survive.

Card is subject to change.


Main Event

  • Karl Schmidt VS. Chad Saunders


  • Kevin Hogan VS. Danny Berykett
  • Jeff Myers VS. Randy Rowe
  • Jeremy Bass VS. Mike Boukovich
  • Ahren Davis VS. Todd Carney
  • Arti Brito VS. Bill Perez
  • Matt Rogers VS. Paublo Popovitch
  • Scott Johnson VS. Raymond Totoricco
  • Jeff Schuller VS. John Hosegood
  • Jim Bob Thorten VS. Don Christman
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