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Saturday, Oct 06, 2001

Superbrawl Xxiiunited We Stand

From the event’s promoter:

SuperBrawl XXII
United We Stand

3 fights announced

  1. Jose Lopez 140lbs (Shark Tank) 2-0-1
    Lincoln Tyler 140lbs (Freelance) 5-1

    Lopez fought to a draw with Gary "Boy" Freitas earlier this year. He displayed tremendous striking skills against the much larger Freitas. Tyler is known for his submissions from the bottom, but claims he has been working on his take-down and top game as of late. If he cannot take down Lopez, he may find himself staring at the ceiling, although if he gets it to the ground it will be a short night for Lopez. Lopez 3-2 favorite.

  2. Miles Pynanis 285lbs (Team Tiger) 0-0
    Wes "Cabbage" Coreirra 275lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 7-3

    These big boys will bang! "Cabbage", fresh of his win over Marcelo Tiger is looking to further his career with another "W". Pynanis is known around town as a "heavy hitter". He will have to hit very heavy to take out "Cabbage". Look for Pynanis throwing. "Cabbage" will weather the storm and start throwing bombs of his own. "Cabbage" 2-1 Favorite.

  3. Joe Doerksen 185lbs (Team Extreme) 19-2
    Egan Inoue 185lbs (Grappling Unlimited) 11-3

    Doerksen is ranked #10 in the world by the MMA Writers Association and has finished all 19 of his victims by submission. Inoue has dispatched all fighters he has faced in this weight class, but none with the talents of Doerksen. Both fighters have voiced interest in fighting in the UFC middleweight class. The winner likely will get the call… the loser will have to watch on Pay-Per-View. Doerksen 3-2 Favorite.

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