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Monday, Sep 10, 2001

Ultimate Cowardice Strikes Usa And Fcf

Ultimate Cowardice Strikes USA and FCF

      We’ve all heard of the cowardly attack that was perpetrated on our nation early today by self-serving hate mongers that killed thousands of innocent men, woman and children. Two hijacked planes crashed into New York’s twin towers and killed an undetermined amount of people at this time — as many people are still missing. FCF has been hit hard as staff members had family and friends who were working in the towering landmarks at the time of the attack. One of whom has been thankfully confirmed as alive and well — my cousin whose life was spared as he was able to escape the uncalled for terror — but at this time the whereabouts of several others are uncertain. We are praying that they will be coming home.

      Full Contact Fighter feels this action is the lowest form of cowardice and vows to help its country in any manner possible. We are confident that the USA will act swiftly in ending the reign of these cowards known as terrorists and the countries that house and protect them.

      This is the most devastating thing to ever happen in my life — Many people are dying and still other attacks are going on. My life has changed forever and no words at this time can describe my feelings and the sorrow for those families that lost their sons, daughters, mothers and fathers in such a senseless act — my prayers go out to all, on the saddest day of my life.

Joel Gold

Anyone able to donate blood, please call the Red Cross at 1-800-GIVE-LIFE (1-800-448-3543) or your local hospital and see if and when they are able to take donations.

On a side note to all who have called and e-mailed us out of concern for our welfare, everyone at the FCF home office in New York are safe and sound, thank you for your concern. Phone circuits in the area are overloaded due to people checking on family and friends.

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