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Sunday, Jul 15, 2001

Vanderlei Silva Carjacked!

Vanderlei Silva Carjacked!
By Eduardo Alonso

Vanderlei Silva
      The violence in Brazil sometimes reaches some scary levels! This past week one of the most popular NHB fighters in the world, the "Axe Murderer" Vanderlei Silva, went through some terrible moments in his hometown of Curitiba!
      Vanderlei was driving his car around town, and all of the sudden he was surprised by three guys, all armed with guns! The deliquents quickly got into his car, and drove for some minutes with guns pointed to his head, leaving the NHB fighter not knowing what would happen with his life in the next few moments! The three thieves were very nervous, and didn’t recognize who Vanderlei was. They kept driving for some moments, until they made him get out of the car, and disapeared with Vanderlei’s Ford Ranger, taking his cell phone and plenty of money with them.
      The city of Curitiba is considered of the most tranquil cities in Brazil, with a very low crime rate compared to other Brazilian cities. Even so, we’re reaching an unacceptable level of violence, and it’s very sad to see one of the top fighters in the game having to go through this sort of situation in his own city. Fortunately everything ended up well, and Vanderlei wasn’t hurt. The police have not found his car yet and nor have they found the thieves.
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