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Monday, Oct 09, 2000


Carlson with Hugo
It’s impossible for someone who doesn’t live in Rio de Janeiro to understand what the rivalry between Jiu-Jitsu and Luta-livre was like during ’80s and ’90’s. Until some years ago, it would be impossible to imagine a Gracie in a Luta-Livre championship. But time has passed and people’s minds have changed. Nowadays, the situation between Jiu-Jitsu and Luta-Livre is much better. The biggest proof of that was the presence of Carlson Gracie at the Luta-Livre Open I. Carlson came with and one of his best black belts, Fernando Pinduka, who once fought Marco Ruas. "Hugo is my personal friend. He invited me to see the competition and I came to prove that the only place for rivalry is inside the ring. Hugo already invited me to bring my students to take part in his next competition like this (no gi), and I will come" said the Gracie, who was applauded by the whole audience when he was announced by Hugo Duarte. The competition happened last Sunday at the Guanabara Garden Club. "I’m really honored by Carlson’s presence here. It is a big example to be followed by the new generation" said Luta-Livre Confederation President Hugo Duarte. Pinduka also gave his opinion "I lived in a time of war between Jiu-Jitsu and Luta-Livre. Now it’s over. It’s time to exchange skills among different styles", said Pinduka.

Assuèrio Silva
The respected Chute Boxe team, which has showed the world talents such as Vanderlei Silva in the middleweight and Jose Pelè Landy in the lightweight, now has a representative in the heavyweight category. Assuèrio Silva, a 108 kg. fighter who came from the poor Northeastern state of Cearà, earned himself the nickname "Executioner" for having won more than 16 Vale-Tudos in the Northeast of Brasil. The kickboxer who also trained Jiu-Jitsu (with a Pederneiras instructor in Cearà) greatly impressed Rudimar Fedrigo in the last Mecca (Assuèrio easily defeated opponent) and asked him to train with Chute Boxe team. After seeing him train with Vanderlei and Pelè, Rudimar invited him to stay. "The guy has really impressed me. I’m preparing him for the next WEF," said Fedrigo.

Ricardo Libòrio
Matt Hughes and Dave Menne are going to represent the United States of America in Warriors War I. The new 8-man NHB tournament will take place on February 8th in Kuwait and will pay $60,000 to the winner. The main fights of the event promise to be between Americans, Canadians and Brazilians. Brazil will be represented by Josè Pelè Landy and Jiu-Jitsu phenomenon Ricardo Libòrio (Libòrio will be making his debut in Vale-Tudo). Canada will also be well represented by amazing Carlos Newton made world-famous by his amazing submission techniques. For sure it will be one of the best events ever!

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