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Monday, Oct 02, 2000


Rio and São Paulo are getting too small for Ryan Gracie and Wallid Ismail. After spending time training in L.A., Wallid came back to Brazil straight to São Paulo (he lives in Rio) to take part in the summer fashion parade of his sponsor Bad Boy. As soon as he got there, he met Ryan, his #1 enemy, backstage at the event. The bodyguards had to act many times because both spent the whole night provoking each other. In the end of the night (around 1 am), the worst happened. Wallid gives his side of the story, "He pretended to fight me to make the security guard hold him. I told them to let him free because he was not enough man to fight me face to face. When they set him free, he disappeared. I turned around, and while I was talking with Leonardo Vieira (Alliance black belt), he came from behind me and tried to punch me. I was lucky enough to feel that something was strange, and turned around in time to escape his punch. After that, he tried to put me down but I got a guillotine choke on him and left him unconscious." Witnesses say that Ryan was drunk and unable to fight. It doesn’t matter because the worst happened and the case reached O Globo, the biggest newspaper in Brazil, and once again Jiu-Jitsu was on the police pages. Everybody is praying to see this situation resolved. Promoter Sergio Batarelli is interested in finishing the problem in the right place: the ring.

Three important names in NHB have been on vacation in Rio during the calm September. The first one to arrive was the man who defeated both Mark Kerr and Ken Shamrock in Pride, Fujita. In his first time in Rio the Japanese visited some of the biggest academies there (Budokan, Carlson and Barra Gracie). Right after Pride 10, Renzo Gracie came with his wife Cristina to spend one week having fun with his friends from Barra Gracie. In the week after Renzo, his cousin Rickson came back to visit the city where he was born to see old friends and have some fun surfing in his favorite spot, Prainha beach.

Some famous Brazilian fighters decided to follow in the steps of Zè Moraes-After getting elected as Councilor, the Hèlio Gracie black belt got to be Secretary of Sports in Rio. He turned into a idol in the sport community in Brazil, getting sponsorship for everybody. In Rio de Janeiro, Andrè Pederneiras is also taking his shot in politics. In Paran

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