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Friday, Nov 10, 2000


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Gracie Wins in 34 Seconds
Vengeance At The Vanderbilt Results

Coverage with pictures will be in next month’s issue of FCF. The event was taped for future broadcast on MSG Network.

Louis Neglia & Ray Longo’s
Vengeance At The Vanderbilt 10
Held November 10th, 2000
At The Vanderbilt in Plainview, NY

Battle Of The Super-Lightweights
125 lb. limit – 3 rounds

Kyle Murray def. Scott Marchese
Unanimous decision

Muay Thai Bout
130 lb. limit – 3 rounds

Robert Bell def. Jim Boza
Unanimous decision

Battle Of The Lightweights
127 lb. limit – 3 rounds

Bobby Campbell def. Yafim Yagudayev
Unanimous decision

Muay Thai Bout
159-166 lbs. – 3 rounds

Sean Seagrave Vs. Dimitry Vovk
Unanimous decision

Muay Thai Bout
152-159 lbs.

Ali Davis def. Claude Levy
TKO :58 2nd round

Muay Thai Regional Championship
174-181 lbs.

Vladimir Mrinsky def. Terrance Connor
TKO :26 2nd round

Freestyle Bout
168 lb. limit – 10 min. time limit

Camillo "Kato" Pavone drew Eric Zychowicz

Professional Battle Of The Middleweights
165 lb. limit – 5 rounds

Steve Berkolayko def. Michael Corleone
Split decision 39-37(MC), 38-37(SB), 39-36(SB)

Regional Middleweight Championship
152-159 lbs. – 3 rounds

Michael McCloud def. Bill Bearce
Unanimous decision

Battle Of The Super-Middleweights
163 lb. limit – 3 rounds

George Morales def. Steve Ventamiglia
Majority decision 29-27(GM), 29-27(GM), 28-28(SB)

Middleweight World Amateur Championship
159-166 lbs. – 4 rounds

James Onnikian def. Jason Arruda
Majority decision 38-38, 38-37(JO), 39-37(JO)

Battle Of the Super-Middleweights
168 lb. limit – 5 rounds

Kadir Kadri def. Tim O’Neill
Unanimous decision

Freestyle Bout
181-189 lbs. – 10 min. time limit

Rodrigo Gracie def. Kyle DeMello
Head-and-arm choke (kata gatame) :34

Muay Thai Bout
139 lb. limit – 5 rounds

Rami Ibrahim def. Extreme Lacosta
Unanimous decision

Battle Of The Super-Heavyweights
215 lb. limit – 5 rounds

Carlos Rodriguez def. Dan Lucas
KO 1:16 2nd round

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