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Wednesday, Jan 22, 2003

2003 Grapplers Quest U.s. Nationals

From promoter Brian Cimins:

2003 Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals

2003 Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals
Saturday, March 29th, 2003
Weigh-Ins start at: 8:00 AM – Event Start Time at: 10:00 AM
60 Divisions for Men, Women, and Children
Location: Marist High School – 1241 Kennedy Blvd. – Bayonne, NJ
(*Note: SportFighting has been postponed until a future date)

Download the U.S. Nationals event package at:
Register Online at: http://grapplers.com/store/online_registration.cfm
(Pre-Reg open until March 21st)

The Pro (Expert) Divisions will be by invitation-only, but applications are currently being accepted. The weight classes are as follows:

  • Lightweight – 159.9 lbs. and below ($500 to Winner)
    Grapplers accepted: Mike Mrkulic (Royler Purple Belt)

  • Middleweight: 160 – 179.9 lbs. ($500 to Winner)
    Grapplers accepted: Rob Kahn (Royce Brown Belt)

  • Cruiserweight: 180 – 199.9 lbs. ($500 to Winner)
    Grapplers accepted: Ken Kronenberg (Tai Kai Machado Brown Belt)

  • Heavyweight: 200 lbs. and over ($500 to Winner)

To be considered for the PRO Grappling Divisions, please email your grappling resume to: President@Grapplers.com (no calls please) with Subject line: U.S. Nationals Pro Division. We recommend that you please first check with your instructor or coach in order to be considered.

FCF Fight Techniques

Double V Arm Lock
Originally published in the November 2002 issue of FCF
FCF Fight Techniques
Picture 1:

Matt secures Trevor in Side mount with a far side underhook.

FCF Fight Techniques
Picture 2:

Matt secures Trevor’s near arm in telephone arm lock position.

FCF Fight Techniques
Picture 3:

Matt secures Trevor’s far arm in V arm lock position.

FCF Fight Techniques
Picture 4:

Matt reaches behind Trevor’s head and braces his hand in Trevor’s far armpit while cranking up on Trevor’s head and stretching both of Trevor’s locked arms.

Matt Hume and Trevor Jackson train at Matt Hume’s AMC Kickboxing and Pankration center in Kirkland, Washington. Matt can be reached for seminars at amc@pankration.com

Disclaimer: This technique, as any martial art or boxing technique, can be dangerous. You or your training partner may be injured if you apply or practice this technique. The author, Matt Hume, Trevor Jackson and FCF are not responsible for any injury that may result. Please consult a physician as to whether or not to attempt this technique.

FCF presents fight techniques in every issue.   In the current issue in Matt Hume’s techniques, Jason Brudvik and Brad Kertson demonstrate a Triangle Leg Sweep; in the Punchers Corner, champion kickboxer Derek Panza discusses Feigning Retreat.
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