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Wednesday, Feb 28, 2001

2hot2handle Line-up


Thai Boxing
(Holland) Rayen Simpson vs (Belarus white Russia) Karpin
(Holland) Smir Bennazouz vs (Kroatian) Sean Pulcjak
(Holland) Ramon Dekker vs (Swiss) Marino Deflorin
(Holland) Ernesto Hoost vs (Swiss) Xhavit Bajrami

Ladies match
(Holland) Illonka vs (Hungaria) Christina Horvai

Vale Tudo fights
(Holland) Ronny Rivano vs (Russia) Serge Bytchkov
(Holland) Martijn de Jong vs (Brazil) Tulio Palhares
(Holland) Alistar Overeem vs (Russia) Stasnuchik
(Holland) Valentijn Overeem vs (England) Ian Freeman
(Holland) Bob Schreiber vs (Canada) Gary Goodridge
(Holland) Sem Schilt vs (Belarus White russia) Alexej Medvedev
(Holland) Gilbert Yvel vs (Brazil) Carlos Baretto

Vale Tudo Super Prestige fight
(Holland) Ed de Kruyf vs (Germany) Fatih

Vale Tudo Lady match
Irma Verhoef vs (Russia)Natalia Bobkova

And Da Winner Is…
Socks and tank top

Congratulations to Andrei Vieru of Oswego, NY – USA, he won the most recent FCF Guess Who Contest. Andrei wins FCF socks and a tank top.

He correctly identified the following fighters…

  • Bobby Hoffman
  • Josh "The Baby Faced Assassin" Barnett
  • Steve Judson
  • Brad Kohler
  • Eugene Jackson
  • Tim Lajcik

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From the event’s promoter:

The Lucky Eagle Casino & Matt Hume
UFCF & Washington State sanctioned
Professional Kickboxing & Pankration
March 3, 2001 – 7:00PM
Lucky Eagle Casino in Rochester, WA


1. Lightweight Pankration bout: (3-5 min rounds)

Ryan "the Lion" Diaz

(Vancouver BC, Canada)
-Canadian Muay Thai champion
-Pacific Northwest Pankration Champion
-Professional Japanese Shooto competitor
Ricky Neely

(Tacoma, WA)
-#4 ranked Pacific Northwest
2. Welterweight Muay Thai bout: (3 rounds)

Scott Schaefer

(Bellevue, WA)
-Pacific Northwest welterweight #1
Josh Malone

(Vancouver, WA)
-Pacific Northwest super welterweight champion
3. Welterweight Pankration bout: (3-5 min rounds)

Charlie Pearson

(Everett, WA)
-Pacific Northwest Pankration Champion
-Hawaiian Superbrawl champion
Anthony Hamlett

-#4 ranked Submission wrestling
-Pacific Northwest Pankration Champion
-Ranked Professional Japanese Shooto competitor
-Hawaiian SuperBrawl champion
4. Super middleweight kickboxing bout: (3 rounds)

Kim "the Sensation" Mason

(Seattle, WA)
-Super middleweight world champion
-Hawaiian Superbrawl champion
-Japanese Shooto competitor
-Pacific Northwest Pankration champion
Danny "Boy" Bennett

(Federal Way, WA)
-Common Wealth Muay Thai champion
-U.S. Kickboxing champion
-2X SuperBrawl superfight champion
5. Super heavyweight kickboxing bout: (3 rounds)

Chris "The Mauler" Monson

(Everett, WA)
-North American Pankration champion
-SuperBrawl champion
Roman "The Russian Assassin" Roytberg

-#1 ranked Pacific Northwest Kickboxing
-Rings USA veteran
-K-1 USA veteran
-U.S. Kickboxing Champion
-WEF veteran
-#2 Ranked UFCF Pankration
6. Lightweight Kickboxing bout: (5 rounds for U.S. #1 ranking)

Bambi Bertoncello

(Bellevue, WA)
-UFCF Intercontinental Kickboxing Champion
-ISKA U.S. Champion
-ISKA #6 world ranked
-ESPN, Fox sports & Samurai T.V. appearances
Mary Kingsford

-UFCF #2 ranked contender
7. Welterweight U.S. Pankration championship bout: (3-5 min rounds)

Dennis "Superman" Hallman

-North American Pankration Champion
-Ultimate fighting #1 Bantamweight
-Pacific Northwest Pankration champion
-Extreme challenge tournament champion
-U.S. submission wrestling champion
-Ranked Japanese Shooto veteran
-Undefeated Kickboxer
Brent Russell

(Trail BC, Canada)
-Pacific Northwest Muay Thai champion
-Pacific Northwest Kickboxing champion
-Pacific Northwest Pankration Champion

Tickets Available at:

Lucky Eagle Casino 800-720-1788

Rochester, WA


From the event’s promoter:

Knockout Productions is proud to present
New York Showdown 4
The return of Professional San Shou to NYC!

A charity event to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Charities
Saturday, April 14, 2001
Norman Thomas High School Auditorium
111 E 33rd Street between Park Ave and Lexington Ave.

Tickets available from NYKKA
43 W 24th street NY NY
(212) 242-2453

Four championship matches including two professional San Shou championships.

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