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Friday, Mar 28, 2003

2nd Black Belt Challengebrings Jiu-jitsu To Thespotlight In Sao Paulo

2nd Black Belt Challenge
Brings Jiu-Jitsu to the
Spotlight in Sao Paulo

By Eduardo Alonso

Adriano Maciel defeats Eduardo Jamelao
Maciel defeats Jamelao

      After the major success of the first Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu challenge, promoters had no choice but to put on a second edition of the event, that features top black belts competing in the sport of Jiu-Jitsu against one another in single matches under slightly different rules (like referee stand ups) that forces the fighters to stay active during the entire fight and for high money prizes for Jiu-Jitsu standards. This time they brought the show to Via Funchal, one of the biggest and most prestigious houses of spectacles in Sao Paulo, which uses to hold music concerts and other kind of shows. It was a risky step, since the venue holds up to 3,500 spectators and it would be tough to fill the entire place. In fact, there were empty seats, but still a good crowd of more than 1,500 showed up to watch the show, all paying for their tickets, and this can be called a success for a Jiu-Jitsu event, mostly considering the problems the promoters had to face. Problems such as some of the most famous BJJers involved in the show dropping out at the last minute. Names like Saulo Ribeiro, Fabio Leopoldo and Rodrigo Comprido were all supposed to compete in the show but ended up not being able to for a number of reasons, and late replacements were called at the last minute.
      All in all it was a good show, with most fighters fighting on offense and looking for the finish all the time, which provided several submissions in the 10-match card. The standouts were Bibiano Fernandez who made quick work of Marcelo Santos to open the event, Fredson Paixao who once again showed his usual domination over Pablo Rodrigo, Adriano Maciel who had an amazing guard that surprised veteran Eduardo Jamelao and Gabriel Napao who had a very competitive match with Eduardo Telles but ended up winning in good fashion. Hopefully the promoters will hold another edition of the event soon, showing that Jiu-Jitsu is still alive and will continue to thrive in the years to come if the events are well organized and planned, and FCF will surely be there as always! Here are the complete results of the event:

Lira looks to throw Godoy
Lira looks to throw Godoy
  • Bibiano Fernandez def. Marcelo Santos via triangle choke
  • Fredson Paixao def. Pablo Rodrigo via lapel choke
  • Carlos Eduardo Vieira def. Marco Barbosa via referee decision (The score was tied)
  • Adriano Maciel def. Eduardo Jamelao via triangle choke
  • Fabio Negao def. Roger Coelho by 4-1 in the advantages, with a tie of 2-2 in the match
  • Eduardo Portugues def. Delson Pe de Chumbo via referee decision (The score was tied)
  • Jefferson Moura def. Bruno Bastos via armlock
  • Gabriel Napao def. Eduardo Telles via score of 9-2
  • Felipe Lira def. Claudio Godoy via lapel choke
  • Roberto Tozi def. Fernando Paradeda via referee decision (Tied at 0-0)

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