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Monday, Apr 29, 2019

4 Of The Best MMA Themed Online Games

Mixed martial arts has significantly grown in stature in recent years. The adrenaline rush that these skilful fights exhibit rubs off on fans who love to see the multi-talented competitors put everything on the line. The popularity of this entertaining sport, helped by championships such as UFC, has made it a multi-million dollar industry that has seen video games deliver the thrills for fans in the comfort of their own homes. Here we look at some of the best MMA-themed online games.


MMA has made its way into the popular online video slots market with Fighting Fish and Lucha Libre 2 being amongst the most played. However, game developer Endemol’s UFC is the best of the bunch. Built with fans in mind, it’s an online slots game for the courageous with a maximum bet of £500. For those who like the excitement of Dark Vortex, Agent Jane Blonde Returns and Gunslinger having played them at major online casino platforms such as Lucky Casino, the officially licensed UFC is fittingly unpredictable and fast-paced.

MMA Manager

Get behind the scenes of the mixed martial arts fighting world with MMA Manager. Your role is to turn a bunch of gym-goers into full time fighters fit for the biggest stage. It’s up to you how they train as you oversee their progression from novice to potential champion. As you progress you can improve your gym’s reputation to encourage new paying members, giving you more cash to play with. With more money under your belt you can improve the facilities and in turn help your fighters get better. Once they’re in the octagon they will turn to you for tactics and advice.

EA Sports UFC

Step into the octagon with EA Sports UFC. Action-packed and exciting, the game boasts great visuals and intuitive touch controls. From four divisions and over 7- fighters, you choose your competitor who possesses a unique set of mixed martial art skills. As you progress through the game you’re able to boost your player’s capabilities. Through the live event mode, you can play some of the profession’s most prominent real-world bouts, while fight cards for UFC events and exclusive in-game rewards makes EA Sports’ MMA-themed game even more immersive.

Fighting Revolution: Martial Art Manager

Another great game to put you inside the octagon. Some terrific graphics give players a realistic 3D point of view as you try to level up your fighter. As you make progress, earning points for winning against your opponent, you’ll learn the strengths and weaknesses of taking on rivals with a combination of muay thai, taekwondo, kung fu, boxing and other styles. The realistic nature of the various fighting disciplines will appeal to seasoned fans who will enjoy the attention to detail on show in Fighting Revolution.

One of the most prominent sport fighting categories, professional mixed martial arts competition offers thrilling action. An unparalleled mix of styles and approaches, MMA’s diversity is also its strength. It’s unsurprising to see it translate so well to online gaming, particularly as the best games are able to immerse us inside the high octane, adrenaline-fuelled octagon.

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